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Adenomyosis Update

Well, as time has gone on I’ve learned a great deal more with this condition.  At least about how it pertains to my system, but maybe helpful to you as well.  As I had said earlier I didn’t really know if I planned on having more children or not, but another would certainly be welcome.  Well, we finally came to the decision of having a partial hysterectomy and I’ve had it scheduled for a few weeks now.  I’m still waiting 3 more weeks for it.  About a week after I had scheduled it I had become pregnant, and I’m pretty sure this is the second time in the last 3 months.

We were excited, naturally, and I actually started to feel better and better each day but still had on and off cramping, some morning sickness and major breast tenderness.  I took a pregnancy test yesterday – 3 days past my period being due and it was very lightly positive.

We have been praying extensively over the past few weeks that all would work out as it should and if the pregnancy was meant to be that God would carry it through.  So, yesterday afternoon the cramping increased significantly along with some backaching and I started bleeding.  For us another child does not appear to be in the future, and as upset as I was with the disappointment – knowing how much my husband and I have prayed over it, it felt right for us.

I truly don’t know how my body would handle another pregnancy at this point.  My last pregnancy was twins and it was a pure joy, but very taxing on my physically.  In addition we have very large babies to begin with, and the twins were no slackers – they were 8 and 9 pounds, so that was a lot to carry and we are truly set on just counting our blessings.

What I’ve noticed, and I apologize if I’m repeating myself at all, is that after each pregnancy this has gotten worse and worse – and after 5 pregnancies, another might just be too much, and with all I’ve experienced with this condition I’m perfectly happy to just be done with it and put my energy into the children we already have.

I wanted to add more of the research I have found though, in hopes that it can be helpful to you.  I found two herbs that I feel would be definately worth trying for someone who still wants to have children and has adenomyosis, but first let me put forth my theory – at least what I’ve noticed from my own experience.

My theory is that in creating such a hormonal imbalance in my body that it has in turn become such a physical condition that even if I achieved hormonal balance that the condition would still be present because it has become so physical.  I’m not sure if that  makes sense or not, but that’s the best way I can explain from my perspective.  I still believe that if the condition is not so severe that it can be reversed with proper hormonal balance, and it might even be possible if it is severe, but I do not have the time and energy to put into it because I have so many people who are extremely dependent on me on a daily basis – not complaining, just stating.  🙂

First, I want to point out that fertility is not an issue that I have – we have always joked that if my husband looks at me the right way I’ll get pregnant.  So, I am not talking about fertility – and the adenomyosis has not caused any infertility with me either.  But, the problem with it is that my uterus is so messed up hormonally that it is continually trying to expell itself – hence the constant cramping and extreme labor-like cramping.  So, basically what’s happening to me is that even if I get pregnant – my uterus can’t seem to hold onto it and at this point it doesn’t even seem to know how to anymore because it’s trying to expell everything.

But, I had been looking for some information and help with pregnancy as well – unfortunately though, I didn’t have enough time, and in that I’m trusting in this isn’t meant for me, but maybe for you instead.  There are two herbs that have been known to prevent miscarriages, and might also be extremely helpful in adenomyosis – Cramp Bark and Black Haw.  Both are safe to take during pregnancy in small quantities – but always check with your midwife or doctor before taking anything in pregnancy.

The Black Haw might be the best choice to try first, they are similar, but it has a lot more qualities that are beneficial and it’s also less expensive, though you should research each and see which is best for you.

Black Haw helps with uterine contractions, false labor, may prevent miscarriage, lowers blood pressure and even boosts fertility.  So, if you are trying to get pregnant with adenomyosis, this may be the best choice for you.

Cramp Bark also helps with uterine contractions and may prevent miscarriage, and is safe to take, but is not recommend for anyone with sensitivity to aspirin. So, this may be a great help for the adenomyosis in general.

On a side note – if you’ve seen my previous posts – I recommend Dong Quai for reducing the pain significantly, but Dong Quai is not recommended during pregnancy or while taking any kind of progesterone treatment – such as Progestelle.

What would be ideal if you are trying to get pregnant is to first try and balance your hormones as much as possible beforehand.  In my case, I believe that I won’t be able to accomplish this without first removing the source of my problem, but if you aren’t too far gone, as I am, then this is your best option if you still want to conceive.

Learn first about xenoestrogens – do not use the birth control pill for adenomyosis – this will not help – it will only make the problem worse in the longterm, and may even be a cause of it in the first place though you will not find that information in the mainstream.

Also, there is no such thing as natural progesterone (except in your body) – Wild Yam does not contain progesterone, but there is a progesterone that is derived from it.

For information on xenoestrogens and where to buy progesterone – go to this site and watch all six videos: http://www.womhoo.com/#vid1 There is a lot of information regarding hormones that is very valuable for any woman with or without adenomyosis, cancer, endometriosis, painful periods, etc.

You can get Progestelle either from the link above or from Amazon.

Here is also more information from David Wolfe regarding hormones:  http://www.thebestdayever.com/news/podcast/podcast-54-david-wolfe-on-blocking-bad-estrogens/

While you’re learning – make changes in your environment and the products you use, foods you eat, detox your body and most important – get some sleep!

Sleep is something that people do not realize how much it does to your body – especially your hormones – the side-effects from sleep deprivation are extensive – everything from not being able to handle stress, weight gain, sugar cravings, poor memory, numerous physical conditions – all can be attributed to years of not getting enough sleep.

And another tid-bit on getting pregnant – you must be relaxed, stress free and happy.  Sometimes the more you try – the harder it is because you’re stressing yourself – here are some things that might help:

Exercise – in the form of walking or my personal favorite – pilates, are very good for you to help the body relax when it needs to. Plus pilates will help tone your body like nothing else – and it doesnt’ have to be extreme – 20 minutes a day – I personally feel that it is much better for you than yoga.

Here is a post I did on homeschool phys. ed. about pilates:


Eat right – get rid of your sugars and processed foods – these are so bad for you, and you know it – they are also bad for your hormones!  The links above will give you more information also on how to eat right for your hormones.

Herbs that might help – here are some safe herbs that might help you to relax and deal with stress – Chamomile, St. John’s Wort – not a “happy drug” as a lot of people think – but also helps deal with pain, Nettle, Lemon Balm, Lemon Grass, and Rhodiola Root.

Additional Herbs that may help with the uterus – Hibiscus & Bladderwrack.

For bleeding one of the other things that I have taken and have seen amazing results is Chlorophyll Complex.  My chiropractor recommended it for me and it has been an extreme blessing for bleeding that is uncontrollable.  I don’t know where to get it, as I get it from him, but I’m sure you can order it online somewhere.  I also have used many other products from the same company – Zypan, Prolamine Iodine, Ovex and Catalyn. The company is Standard Process – whole food vitamins and supplements, since 1929 – and looking on the bottle it says it’s Sold Through Health Care Professionals – but I’m sure I’ve seen it on Amazon.

Also, as in my previous adenomyosis post, I recommend doing castor oil packs – this is helpful to uterine conditions and will also help you to relax.  It has been known to help women who are trying to get pregnant to conceive and carry through.

Detox herbs that have been good for helping the body in numerous ways is the ganoderma (Rieshi) mushroom and spirulina.  Both have too many benefits to list and they are both safe to use with no known side effects – except what you may at first experience during detox.

Also, spirulina is very potent or you can get it in capsule form.   On a personal note – I prefer the capsules with spirulina in them, mainly because spirulina tastes absolutely terrible – so it’s best in capsule form. You can make your own capsules with a capsule machine – super easy to use.

Though I have several product recommendations above, I will state again – please research and become familiar with hormones and what they do – pay attention to signals from your body.  Every body is different and some things that might work for me might not work for you and vice verse – I am simply giving you my personal experience and what I’ve found in my research that might save you some leg-work or at least point you in the right direction.

I will update more after my surgery and that will probably be the last post on this subject, which is why I have made this one so long.  I will update this post and previous posts with any new or additonal information though.  I wish you all the best and many blessings in your endeavors.