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Make Art Super Easy in Your Homeschool

Art in Homeschool Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Imagine your homeschool students creating beautiful artwork and expressing their creativity without you having to worry about your own artistic skills. That’s just what See the Light Shine has made possible for homeschoolers.

Why Should You Do Art in Homeschool?

Books are awesome and there are many instructional art books that I’ve found to be valuable for teaching art, but See The Light Shine’s unique art courses add so much more depth to learning art skills.

For one thing, having video demonstrations are sometimes a lot easier for kids to follow along with – it’s like having your own private art teacher in your home, only it’s much more affordable.

One of the courses we’ve done recently was the Mountain Landscape Pastel Drawing course – and since we were also studying mountains in science, it fit perfectly.

In the course you receive a reference photo to follow along with, however, with my kids I let them choose a mountain that they had studied and written about in science. And yes, when asked if they could do Mount Doom I said yes, because surprisingly there is enough geographical and scientific data that met the requirements, even though it’s fictional.

Here are their pastel drawings that they made following the course from See the Light Shine.

Make Art Super Easy in Your Homeschool

Age 15


Mountain Study for Kids in Homeschool Art

Girl – Age 6


Art and Science in Homeschool - Pastel Mountain Study

Age 14


Homeschool Mountain Study for Art - Pastels

Age 10


Homeschool Mountain Study in Pastel

Age 14


Mountain Homeschool Study for Art - Pastels

Age 15


Studying Mount Doom in Homeschool Art - Science

Boy – Age 6


The older two girls each did two drawings because they didn’t like their first ones, as we haven’t done much with pastels before. We used oil pastels and discovered what a fun mess they can be, especially the boy with his drawing of Mount Doom – I do recommend art smocks!

Pastel Landscape Homeschool Art Course


What you get with this awesome Pastel Landscape Art Course:

  • PDF version of the course
  • Video version of the course with Jim Pence
  • Bible Study/Devotional
  • Art History Lesson
  • Detailed Coloring Page – for use with any medium
  • Reference Photo
  • Link to a page with Free technique videos


See the Light Shine mini courses have been a blessing to us and I hope you love them as much as we do!


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