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2017 Back-to-School Homeschool Giveaway

Make Art Super Easy in Your Homeschool

Art in Homeschool Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Imagine your homeschool students creating beautiful artwork and expressing their creativity without you having to worry about your own artistic skills. That’s just what See the Light Shine has made possible for homeschoolers.

Why Should You Do… Continue reading

Thanksgiving Facts Copywork Pages

Fun Facts About Thanksgiving Copywork Pages


Copywork pages are a lot more fun when they’re relevant to seasons and subjects that we’re studying in our homeschool.  I love that the kids learn valuable grammar skills and spelling while practicing their penmanship.  … Continue reading

Free Election Pages

Are your kids learning about the election?  I’m sure they’re hearing about it whether you’re studying it or not. We usually only study the election process and government about every four years – during a Presidential Election year.  Makes it easy so I… Continue reading

Autumn & Fall Pages for Homeschooling

Who doesn’t love fall?  Fall is often everyone’s favorite time of year.  It must be the apples, hot cider, pumpkins, and colorful leaves that get everyone so excited.  I also think that it has to do with harvest and abundance that seems… Continue reading

Free Fall Pages – Math and Reading

Free Fall Pages for Kids for Reading & Math – Perfect for Homeschool Unit Study


For my kids we always love to include seasonal pages for them with all subjects – especially math and reading.  It makes it so much more fun… Continue reading

Back to Homeschool Sale

2016 Homeschool Sale

Every year in August there’s always lots of back to school sales – and with homeschooling it’s no different!  No matter what time of year you start homeschooling – or whether you homeschool year-round, a curriculum sale is an opportunity to… Continue reading

Thanksgiving – Autumn Copywork and Notebooking Pages

Autumn & Thanksgiving Pages ~ Bible & Poetry Copywork ~ Fall Notebooking Pages

Beautiful notebooking pages with autumn leaves and fall pumpkins along with Thanksgiving pages with Bible verse and poetry copywork.


French Writing ~ Copywork & Practice Pages

~ French Writing Practice Pages ~

French Style Cursive ~ Crossword Puzzles ~ Word Searches


French writing pages are a better way for kids to remember words and phrases they’ve learned in their French studies!


We enjoy… Continue reading

French Copywork Pages – D’Nealian Style Slanted Print

~ French Copywork Pages ~

Slanted Print ~ Crossword Puzzles ~ Word Searches


French copywork pages make it easier for kids to remember what they’ve learned in their foreign language!


We love to use copywork in almost all subjects for both memory retention… Continue reading

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Are Homeschoolers Really So Weird?

Are homeschoolers really unsocialized and strange?  What makes us so different?

Homeschoolers are often painted up in this little box of being weird, different, unsocialized, and strange.  I think we should define that.  Let’s start by looking at a few definitions.

Why are homeschoolers considered weird?

 … Continue reading

Ken Ham – Bill Nye Creation Debate DVD Video

Ken Ham and Bill Nye Science Debate – 2014

If you’ve been debating over whether to watch the Ken Ham – Bill Nye Debate  –  you definitely should.

I wasn’t really planning on watching it myself, because I know where I… Continue reading

Learn to Tell Time – Math Clock to Print

Printable Math Clock for Learning to Tell Time

Making Math-time Fun!

Learn to Tell Time - Math Clock PrintableLearning to tell time can be super fun for kids when they’re involved in making a hands-on craft.  I don’t know any kid – boys, girls, older, or younger, who don’t just love… Continue reading

The Subject You Don’t Want to Teach

If you’re not having fun and completely enjoying any of your homeschool subjects – you’re doing it wrong!

Do you hate teaching math?  Then how can you expect your child to learn it, let alone enjoy learning it?  If you’re struggling with teaching… Continue reading

Nail Down Your Laundry – Save Time and Expense

Are you spending too much time on laundry?  Nail down laundry in less than 10 minutes – from a household of seven.

Seriously, why does laundry have to be such a daunting task?  When I started a family over 20 years ago, I… Continue reading

Easter – Spring Copywork, Coloring and Puzzle Pages

Christian Church Puzzles, Coloring Pages and Copywork

Spring & Easter Poetry Copywork

Get them Now!


Spring Poetry Copywork - Easter Coloring - Puzzle Pages

Christian Church Puzzles & Coloring Pages

Perfect for quiet time during church & homeschool holiday studies.  Includes poems for Easter and Spring to copy in three fonts:… Continue reading

Making Homeschool Notebooks Using a Binding Machine

Homeschool Notebooking –  The Binding Machine We Love

Organization  has always been top priority for me in our home school because that’s the only way we can really get things done.  I have used several different products and methods for organizing my… Continue reading

Amazing Adventures Creation DVDs

Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures DVDs


We don’t have “television”, never have – hate it, but we watch lots of different DVDs so that we have better control over just who we invite into our home, and some of our favorites are from AiG.… Continue reading

Free Homeschool Planner Sample

Awesome Homeschool Planner – Organize & Plan for Life

Free Sample


Heritage Grove Academy


Our homeschool planner is the only planner you’ll ever need – fully customizable to any learn style, multiple students, and grades. You can get a free homeschool planner… Continue reading