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Beautiful Handwriting Copywork

African Safari Copywork PagesWe have always felt that handwriting was a valuable skill to teach the kids – I don’t buy into any of the talk about the modern world and how some feel it’s unnecessary.  Not to be a pessimist, but electronics could all be wiped out tomorrow and how many people would still have the skill of writing?  Also it’s widely known that plenty of research has been done that concludes good handwriting boosts IQ, motor skills and general learning ability -which you can Google for more in-depth articles if you would like.  I just feel that handwriting is just as important to teach as Mathematics or English.  For us we start with regular Zaner-Bloser printing until they learn their letters and writing concepts, then D’Nealian print to D’Nealian cursive and we also use the beautiful Spencerian Penmanship books.  This may seem like a lot, but it’s not – generally this is taught over all elementary grades, beginning about age 4, sometimes earlier or later depending on the child and circumstances, and no – it’s not confusing to our children, they’re more intelligent than that.

Once the children have learned the concept of making their letters they need to have lots of practice writing them – and if the practice isn’t enjoyable for them they’ll hate it.  Period.  If you want your children to learn anything it needs to be interesting and enjoyable to them.  But, on the other side of the coin – there are some things that simply take practice and there’s no way around it.  The best thing to do is find a way where you can combine practice with something enjoyable.  With handwriting it’s become so easy with copywork books and the wonderful homeschool parents who have created so many lovely ones in a wide variety of subjects.

Colonial Times Copywork Pages for HistoryCopywork pages can be used stand-alone or included with Notebooking.  We like to do both.  Some of my favorite Copywork books have come from LightHome Publications.  Their’s are some of the loveliest pages I’ve seen.  As a note – some people don’t like how tight the space is for the handwriting, but so far, all my kids have commented on that as well and stated that they like that because it makes it easier for them to keep things neat.  I think it looks beautiful when they’re finished, so we like the tight lines.

The pages are all adorned with lovely graphics and drawings – some of which can be colored, which the kids also love.  The pages being so decorative makes them want to do their best on their handwriting so that it compliments the pages.

Fruit of Righteousness Christian Copywork HandwritingWhat I also really like is that using copywork is an excellent way for children to learn Bible verses without it being a chore.  LightHome Publications has a wide selection of beautiful pages for Bible verses, Homesteading, Animals, Character, and History.  Many of the books have a page and lesson or verse for each letter of the alphabet, along with coloring pages and other little tidbits that make them a lot of fun for children.







Right now the kids are doing A-Z Kind Kids Care, God is My Refuge and A Celebration of Christian Character – here are some pics below to see some sample pages from them that my kids did recently.


Handwriting Copywork Pages

A Celebration of Christian Character

Psalms Copywork Handwriting Pages

God is My Refuge Psalms Cursive Copywork

Character Handwriting Homeschool Copywork Pages

A-Z Kind Kids Care Copywork



*Disclosure - page contains sponsored links. Please see our full disclosure for more details and thanks for your support.