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Bee Stings

Natural Remedies for Bee Stings

Another little thing that goes back to my childhood… I was also very good at finding wasp nests and stepping on poor little honey bees.  I would be out in the middle of a field and find the only wasp nest on the goldenrod – and get stung.  Once me and my whole family were hiking in the woods – I went up by a great big tree and stood, all the sudden I got stung in under my shirt! Ugh! I looked down and there right between my feet was a yellow-jacket nest in the ground and I had quite a few of them in my shirt stinging me.  So, again this summer has proved that my kids have the same talent of finding or attracting insects as I always did.  And they are developing the same respect for them as I have.

Now, if I haven’t mentioned it, we live in the city, country folks currently imprisoned here.  No offense to anyone who does live in the city – some people like it, and that’s great and all.  But it’s kinda like the Country Mouse and the City Mouse story.

Anyway, one fine day we were walking towards our house about a block away and I look down at my daughter as she’s quickly brushing at her shirt-sleeve, as I see a wasp fly away.  She’s not crying or anything – she’s 5 – and I ask if she got stung. So, she says “I think so”, but has to check, and as soon as she “sees” that she did, she starts wailing… funny how that works… and I talk to her as we’re trying to get home quickly and ask her if it hurts as bad as getting a shot at the doctors – well, she has to stop and think about that, so that ended the crying.

So, we get in the house – finally, and I’m running all around the house looking for my Spirits of Ammonia – that’s what we always used when I was little.  Well, I can’t find it after 15-20 minutes – and I look at her arm and see that she has not one, but two nice stings – swelling up pretty good.  So, my 7 year old daughter reminds me about the last time I couldn’t find the bee sting stuff – (like 2 or 3 years ago…lol) – and I used an onion on her.  So, oh, yeah – onion – I grab a half sliced onion out of the fridge and break some pieces up so there’s some juice and rub it on her stings.  We didn’t hold it there or anything – just got as much juice on it as possible. So, within a half an hour all you could see were the sting marks – no swelling and no pain.

I had read quite a few years ago in an herb book or something that onion juice actually neutralizes the poison from the sting – bees, wasps, hornets or yellow-jackets. So, this makes me wonder if it would work in an emergency for something like a snake-bite or spider bite…??  Not that I really want to find out, but it would be something nice to know.

Another little story here… from the other night.  We went to my

Bumble Bee on Echineciaparents house and my mom sent me home with a few plants, along with lots of other goodies.  We tend to never get home before dark when we’re leaving my parent’s house – it’s just not possible, too much fun.

Anyway – I figure I’ll put the plants in the garden real quick so the don’t dry up by morning.  I got two in and had one left – I push aside the Echinacea, as it’s trying to lay down on the job…  And as I do, I disturb a little sleeping bumble bee.  Well, if you know anything about bumble bees – you know that as soon as the sun goes down, they go to sleep wherever they are – which often tends to be in my garden.  They just don’t bother to go back to the nest like most other bees do.. maybe it’s like the Story of Ping or something – maybe they don’t want to be last… I don’t know. 🙂 But anyway, I should know this when gardening at night… but he got me – at the base of my thumb on my hand.  So, my husband is trying to find a flashlight as I’m trying to find the plant that apparently went 10 feet into the air, possibly into the neighbor’s yard, as I got stung, and meanwhile my sting is swelling.  I run in and once again, test the onion theory – and low and behold – it works again!  All I had left within an hour was a blood mark from the stinger going in, no swelling or anything.  Next time I won’t even bother looking for anything else… hope I don’t run out of onions!

There’s a picture of a sleepy little bumble bee on my Echinacea I found just waking up this morning….

Something else I found that works great for bee stings in a pinch is good old aspirin. One day we were out on a pretty warm day and driving down the road a yellow jacket flew into our car. We didn’t know it until our 3 year old was getting out of her carseat and squished the little fellow with her leg – ouch! Needless to say, I don’t carry onion with me generally… 🙂 and all I could find was a bottle of aspirin in my purse, so I thought I’d try something fast, because this little one wasn’t near as tolerant as her older sister with the wasp. I crushed up the aspirin real fast and we had a little drinking water and I just made a little bit of a paste, or as much as I could, and rubbed it on her sting. Both the pain and swelling quickly went away. I still use the onion for any stings we have at home, but the aspirin was something that was a successful try for us. I certainly would not recommend to use on someone who is allergic to aspirin, but for anyone else it’s something that should be fairly safe.