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Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership Sale!

8th Birthday Sale-a-Bration

Apr 30th – May 11th

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The Notebooking Pages
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Feature #1:

Includes over $800 worth of
notebooking… Continue reading

Dreams and Designs Homeschool eBook

If you’d like to find some great ideas on how to create your own homeschool items such as timelines, bulletin boards, visual learning aids, organizers and more, using stuff that you probably already have – this is the eBook for you!

There are over 60… Continue reading

Notebooking Pages Package Deal

Notebooking Pages ~ All Subjects

Since we first discovered notebooking pages we have had so much fun making notebooks for our homeschool studies over the years!  These awesome pages have been an invaluable asset for every subject and every grade level. Through the… Continue reading

Beautiful Handwriting Copywork

African Safari Copywork PagesWe have always felt that handwriting was a valuable skill to teach the kids – I don’t buy into any of the talk about the modern world and how some feel it’s unnecessary.  Not to be a pessimist, but electronics could all be wiped… Continue reading

Ultimate Geography & History Resource

History Homeschool Resources Must HaveAre you looking for that one resource that will tie everything in your history course together?  One that you can use for all grades?  You need MapTrek – and you get to try it for FREE!

What better way to learn Geography… Continue reading

Magnus Kir Children’s Book

One of the books we read was Magnus Kir by Christian author Dean Hardy.  I personally was unable to put it down – and cannot wait for the rest of the family to read it.  I found it captivating and thought provoking… Continue reading

See the Light – Crossmaker DVD Art Lesson

See the Light The Crossmaker Easter Story Art Lesson

I have a fairly strong background in art and have always enjoyed teaching it to my children – that doesn’t mean that a supplement isn’t a welcome blessing!  I also enjoy teaching math – but… Continue reading

New to Homeschooling or Unschooling?

When you’re first getting started with homeschooling it’s easy to be confused – whether you’re pulling your child out of public school or you’re just getting your little ones started.   There are a lot of myths about homeschooling because it’s all custom work.  … Continue reading

Today I Fell in Love with America again – Thanks @Chick-Fil-A!

I have always loved my country, ever since I was little I understood the freedom we have here in the U.S.  Growing up I’ve witnessed those freedoms being first taken for granted, and then, slowly, sneakily being taken away and God being removed.  … Continue reading

Old TV Upcycle

Upcycle old TVWhen my Godfather passed away I wanted to have something special from him and when my husband was helping clean out his house he came across the old TV.  I had talked about how neat it would be to make an old TV into… Continue reading

Butterflies, Moths & Sphinx Moths


My kids are always finding caterpillars, chrysalis’ and pupae to hatch and see what exciting creatures they’ll become.  Last summer one of the kids got one of those kits that comes with the eggs that you get to hatch out for a gift.… Continue reading

Earn Money While Homeschooling

Yes, It is Possible to Homeschool and Work at Home Successfully!

In fact, when you’re homeschooling it’s often easier to work from home or start a business! You are already experienced in management and planning! Plus, it’s a much more fun and often lucrative… Continue reading

U.S. Presidents Homeschool Resources

Homeschool History Books for Homeschool Presidents DayPresident’s Day has always been fun for me since homeschooling because I always enjoy an excuse to read one of my favorite books – When Washington Crossed the Delaware and do lots of fun activities with the kids.  Some years we do a whole… Continue reading

Sports Scholarships for Homeschool from Truth-Spin

Homeschool College Sports Scholarships Truth Spin IncSports Scholarships are available to homeschool students, and not only that, but you can get the best.  Often homeschoolers are left out of sports programs and sometimes end up not pursuing their passion for sports when they truly have a talent for it. This… Continue reading

Should I get my kids an iPad?

Should I get an iPad for my homeschool?This is a question I’ve seen a lot of parents asking when they see all the cool learning apps available or they hear about how great they are from someone in their homeschool group. My answer is no!  But… there’s always a but… if… Continue reading

Kids & Herbs

It’s been pretty dry here over July, and everything was suffering. The grass hurt your feet to walk on as it crunched under them and everything was a little to crisp to be useful. Though I did get handfuls of daisies and red clover to… Continue reading

Homeschool Notebooking

I love to use notebooking for my kids schoolwork, it is so much fun and it’s a really great way to tie things in together. I love to have the “book” to save and look at again. It’s so nice to see how creative the… Continue reading

To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool?


Family Education Magazine

Is that a question you are asking yourself? Is it a question that has lingered in the back of your head and you are thinking excuses not to do what is in your heart to do or are you just unsure where to turn?… Continue reading

Prizes for Homeschool Events

Does your homeschool group have an event or field day coming up?Free Homeschool Prize for Coop and Group Events

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HomeschoolShirts.com will offer a free shirt for a prize at your upcoming homeschool group event.

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Typing for Christian Homeschool

One of the most valuable skills I learned in my entire public school career was typing.  I don’t know where I’d be today if I hadn’t learned to type.  As a homeschool mom it was something that occurred to me that these days… Continue reading