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Pregnancy & Babies

Using Art in Homeschool – Why?

Learning to use CrayonsOne of the most intimidating subjects for homeschool parents to teach is art, and it actually happens to be one of the easiest to teach and most valuable subjects for children to learn. Many parents think that you have to be an artist to teach… Continue reading

The Joys… and Fun, of Twins

Our twins just turned 2! Yay!  I’m so excited that we’ve made it this far, and at the same time, oh, the fun we’ve had!  Most of the true difficulty has been with, and because of, my own health, but thankfully my husband… Continue reading

Breastfeeding and Target Protest

I recently heard about all the protesting going on at the Target stores as it’s spreading nation-wide, and after breastfeeding 6 children of my own, I feel the need to post some kind of comment.  I also frequent Target and quite frankly I’m shocked… Continue reading

Adenomyosis Update

Well, as time has gone on I’ve learned a great deal more with this condition.  At least about how it pertains to my system, but maybe helpful to you as well.  As I had said earlier I didn’t really know if I planned… Continue reading

Adenomyosis – Update – 2

Well, it’s been about 2 days and I wanted to add an update on the bladderwrack and adenomyosis.  I have noticed that things are feeling a little bit better – but it’s seeming a slow process on the pain end of things.  I… Continue reading


The unfortunate thing about adenomyosis is that you have no idea what I’m talking about unless you or someone close to you has or had it. I have found this out, quite painfully, through many tears and frustration in trying to explain.

I have always… Continue reading

Fun, Healthy Baby Foods to Make at Home

Making your own baby food is can be so much fun and there are so many ways you can give your baby added nutrition that you can’t find in canned baby food.  In addition you can also save money by making some or all… Continue reading

Pregnancy & Herbs Pt II

Not all herbs are unsafe during pregnancy, and some are very useful for both you and your baby, offering additional nutrition for health and development, and helping your pregnancy go even smoother.

Here is a small list of herbs that can help you during and… Continue reading

Pregnancy & Herbs Part I

When you are pregnant you have to be very careful of the herbs that you use so that you do not hurt yourself or your baby.  Some herbs will cause you to go into labor and that is certainly not something you want to… Continue reading