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Favorite Toddler/Kid Snacks

There are a lot of things we can give our kids to eat, and we all know it’s sometimes hard to find something good for them when things get busy.  It’s so much easier to grab things that aren’t good for them sometimes.  With 6 kids it’s been a learning experience all the way and it’s been fun to come up with new snacks that they enjoy and that are still quick and easy, and go a little farther.  None of this is anything really new, but sometimes we forget and it helps to have a little refresher for our thought patterns.

Some of my favorites are:

Mandarin oranges – get them canned, pop them open and instant snack that’s way more nutritious and easier to eat than fruit cocktail or sliced peaches.

Ideas for Toddler SnacksSliced ripe peppers  – not only are they packed with vitamins, they’re sweet and colorful too.  I was surprised at how much my kids liked them – just be careful with the skins with little ones.

Sliced avacado – slice it in half around the pit, peel and cut into slices – one of the most easily digestible and most nutritious things you can give them. For slicing be sure they aren’t overly ripe, or they’ll mush in their hands.  (my favorite with avacados is to slice them up and toss them on my salad – yum!)

Blueberries – if you can grow them yourself you’re definately ahead, but even if you can’t one package goes pretty far with a couple small kids.  Wash them first and give them as a finger food side with lunch, add them to cottage cheese or stick them in a bag to go.

Apple slices, bananas and grapes – always easy and well-loved.  One thing I like to do with bananas is to slice them and put them on graham crackers with peanut butter – this is a great, brain-power-hold-you-over-till-lunch kind of snack that the kids really love.

Tuna-melts on Triscuits – these are easy and quick, makes a nice lunch with some added fruit and yogurt.  I just make tuna salad, put a teaspoon or so on each Triscuit and sprinkle with shredded cheeese, throw them in the oven 10-15 minutes and tada! Fun and easy, something the littlest ones can help with too.

Cottage cheese or plain yogurt – I prefer to buy them both plain and then we can add anything we want and make it different every day.  You can add crushed pinneapple, blueberries, mandarin oranges, blackberries, peaches, bananas, or any fruit you want, even jam if you want – especially if you accidently make runny strawberry jam… not that I would know anything about that… 🙂

Peanut butter and celery – always yummy and  cheaper than cream cheese with celery, especially when the kids eat all the cream cheese!

Steamed carrots – these are nice of you cut them in manageable pieces, steam them so they’re a soft enough for the little ones and toss them in the fridge, then grab them when you need them.  You can do the same thing with butternut squash chunks for lots of vitamins, but you don’t want to make them too soft so they’re mushy unless you’re making baby food – which is in a previous post.

Broccoli can also be steamed and tossed in the fridge to cool and be a great snack for on the go and it’s a little easier for kids to eat when it’s steamed.

Prunes – great iron-packed snack, better than raisins and kids usually love them, so be sure they don’t eat as many as they want! lol

Candied ginger – now this is something through different periods of time I always had to have on hand for our little car-pukers, I’d give them just one or two small pieces before the trip and it made travelling a lot more pleasant for everyone – especially when I was pregnant with the twins and the doctor appts were doubled and our then 4 year old puked every time she got in the car.  I had it for myself to help with morning sickness from the first part of the pregnancy and when I remembered the purpose for having it – duh! – I gave her some and it ended that completely.  I think part of the problem was that it was almost becoming a habit for her body rather than her actually being sick.  I would give it to her and tell her it would make it so she wasn’t sick and it did, she hasn’t done it since….. but now it’s starting over with her brother… ugh!  Time to get more candied ginger!

So, there’s some ideas for you, and I’m sure it will inspire more. Feel free to post them here!