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Good Health & Herbs

best place to buy herbsI have been interested in herbs since I was very young collecting dandelion leaves for my mother’s German Potato salad, but back then I didn’t realize how beneficial they really are.  As I’ve grown and needed alternative remedies to the toxic medicines that we are told are so good for us, I’ve researched extensively and learned so much.

I’m amazed everytime I find something new that God has already provided for us – everything we need for any ailment can be found in a leaf, root, tree or food!  He has truly made everything available to us and all we need to do is find it.

One of the big problems that a lot of people face though, is that you can’t just go out your backdoor and find everything you need all the time.  And when you do need a readily useable herb for something sometimes you need to go elsewhere to get it and that can sometimes be trying in itself.

I think that I have found the perfect company, whose mission summed up in one statement which is “People and Planet Before Profit”.  This company is Mountain Rose Herbs.  I have ordered items from them several times as we have been in a temporary living situation that has not allowed us to grow the things we need.  I have found every product that we’ve received from them to be top quality and their prices are more than fair.  In addition, they are one of the most friendly companies I have ever dealt with – they are real people and are there to help you, not just make a profit.

All of their products are top quality and organic – no pesticides or any kind of poison in your herbs, which is something you have to be careful of even when collecting them yourself.  Roadsides are one of the worst places to obtain herbs because they are constantly sprayed and filled with chemicals from vehicles and road maintenence.

They also have a selection that is unbelievable – I can get everything I need, all in one place and that certainly makes things easier.  🙂

Recently I tried something new with making tea.  I ordered some of the press n’ brew tea bags from them.  They were so neat to use – my daughter and I had so much fun while we made up teabags for her Grampa.  I filled them and she ironed them shut, and they worked so well and so fast that we wanted ran out before we realized it.  I had only ordered 50 to try, but I have just placed another order for 500 because I found them to work so well.best place to buy herbal tea

I’m really looking forward to getting them because sometimes it’s more convenient to give someone a nice looking set of teabags than a bag of loose herbs that they may not use as regularly as they need to.  This way if someone has a busy day they can still have their herbal “medicine” each day.

I have made several different teas and tried many different things to see what combinations work well together and what really works the best for what.  When people I know have been sick I’ve made them a small mix and given it to them, so now I have them coming to me when they need something.  And for me this is a gift that I have been blessed with and I love to share it.  So, I’m going to be posting several of my concoctions here for you to try for yourself and I hope that they are useful to you as well.

Please read our medical disclaimer, as the information posted here is strictly educational and is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition, always ask your doctor before trying anything, including herbal remedies.

I highly recommend that if you are in need of herbs that are not readily available out your back door that you get them from Mountain Rose Herbs – you won’t find better prices or quality, and if you wish, you can also buy wholesale from them. They have excellent prices on wholesale herbs, teas and containers.