About Our Homeschool
Picture from my eldest for Mother's Day 2012

Picture from my eldest for Mother’s Day 2012

About Heritage Grove Academy Homeschool


We’re a homeschool family with six kids and have been homeschooling over 20 years with our eldest finished with college and our youngest, who are twins, at elementary age.


We are firm believers in homeschooling and we fall in the eclectic category as we practice many varied styles that changes also by subject, though I guess we sort of lean Classical.  We prefer to use a variety of styles and not conform to any particular style, because truthfully that’s one of the great things about homeschooling is that we can do what works for our family and our children’s education.


Homeschooling opens the doors to so many possibilities with the unbelievable amount of flexibility that is available and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  We currently school Tuesday thru Friday and Mondays are our free-for-all days – best days for field trips and whatever else we want to do – mainly our adventure hiking days.  It’s so awesome that we can set our own schedule and we’re so grateful that we have that freedom!  For us there are more reasons to homeschool than not and we love learning right along with our kids.


So, why do we homeschool?  Simple.  Because our children are our responsibility and we love spending time with them.


How do we really love to spend our time as a family?  We LOVE to go hiking and be outside in the woods, fields, streams, overlooking cliffs – finding cool insects, critters and spending our time with God’s amazing creation!  We’ve been hiking in a few different states and there are so many places we can’t wait to hike.  Check out our photo Album to see some of the cool insects and critters we’ve found, and a glimpse into our everyday homeschool life.


Our other big interests, besides science, are writing and drawing.  My husband and I have a couple children’s books, so far, that we’ve published under the names Samantha & Michael Grace called My Little Boy and My Little Girl.  We have many more books that we’re working on in the younger Children’s genre and hopefully we’ll be getting them published soon as well.  We also have a few stories for young adults that we’re working on which are faith-based fantasy.


Another business that I run is freelance editing and business writing and I’m a certified freelance editor with the Christian PEN Institute.  I’ve worked with several happy clients and you can read more about that at

We also own Homeschool where we sell our designs on a print-on-demand platform – mainly started that for fun, but it became a little more when people started to get excited about our shirts.


We have lots to keep us all learning and growing everyday – and that’s our homeschool life in a nutshell.