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Best Homeschool Math Curriculum

We have been struggling with math for the past couple years.  I had no problem teaching elementary math, but once we got to about 5th grade I started having difficulties explaining the concepts and I was afraid I was making things worse.  I was also afraid I wasn’t doing things in the right order and even with the research that I did, I still wasn’t sure.  I tried a few different math programs and text books.  I am really not a textbook teacher either.  I open a textbook and I sort of glaze over – I think it’s some sort of conditioning from my public school days… 🙂  For almost all subjects I tend to make up my own curriculum and use a variety of sources.  Math isn’t one of those subjects I’ve been able to do that with.

My brother sent me a website and said I should check it out – I figured, oh, okay, another math curriculum with textbooks that I will completely ruin the concepts from and will cost a fortune.  Not so, it was the like hitting the math jackpot!  There are no textbooks! And it comes with dvd’s and a data cd to print out the worksheets.  Even after reading all through the site it still took me a long time to finally get the first module, and wow – I wish I hadn’t waited so long!  So, what is this wonderful math program?  It’s called Systematic Mathematics and it is the only math program I will ever use again for all of my kids!

When teaching English – we use phonics – building on each sound like blocks, because it works.  Well, shouldn’t it be the same with Math?  It is so easy to use, and the teacher on the dvd is amazing – and he cares, he wants your kids to learn math.  At first, (sorry Paul), I thought it was going to be a little boring, but after seeing my daughter laughing, then doing her math every day without being reminded and telling me how excited she is that she actually understands it – well, that’s not boring!  Math is suddenly a fun subject – no more struggling, anxiety or taking half the day to get through our math lessons.  The lessons are fairly short and then there are a worksheet or two for “homework”.  I cannot say enough good things about this program – all I can say is think of your dream math program that you would design for your homeschool and this is it, or at least pretty darn close.  I also recommend that you read through the website and really get to know the how’s and why’s about it.  There is also a section on the site for free to diagnose where your student is with math and you can easily see the problem areas in subtraction.

Also, for anyone who is worried about whether you can use this system on your computer – no problem, it’s not software – all you need is a DVD player and Acrobat Reader for the printed material.  That’s it, nothing else.  We don’t even have a tv, but our Mac has a DVD player.

Another thing – there is also a guarantee offered – yes, a guarantee.

I highly recommend you check out Systematic Mathematics – “Understand Math, don’t just memorize it!”

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