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Our Homeschool Planner – Excerpt Part Three

From Our Homeschool Planner – Excerpt Part Three


Homeschool Planner Overview

Calendars, Charts, Forms, Letters, Evaluations, Pages & Pages – Oh, My!

Throughout my time home educating I’ve gotten and used several different types of planners, forms and charts to use for organizing and record keeping.  I always found myself wanting something a little different, either more simple for “this page” or more complex for “that page”, printable or reproducible and pretty, but without guzzling my printer ink – so this planner is just the charts and pages that I created to use in my own homeschool, that I’ve designed from trial and error.


Also, since we homeschooled in Pennsylvania – there were certain pages we needed for that – different ones at the beginning and end of the year.  Included for Pennsylvania, similar states, and alternative planning are the following pages:  Objectives – by subject (for yourself), Yearly Objectives, Health, Dental, and Immunization Records, Curriculum Book List, and an Evaluation Letter.  There are also a variety of Portfolio Covers to choose from.  The only thing I cannot provide for Pennsylvania homeschooling is the Affidavit – that generally needs to come from the local school district with their letterhead.

Homeschool in Pennsylvania Objectives Forms Evaluation


Now we live in Kentucky, so there are different pages we need, such as: a Letter of Notification, Attendance Records, Medical and Dental Records, and Progress Reports.


Kentucky Homeschool Progress Reports, Medical Records, Letter of Notification

The main pages of planner are not intended for the school’s records, though many of the more simplified ones are to be used for the school – you should only send in your states minimum requirements.  You also don’t have to use all of these pages or look at all these pages and think you have to document every little thing – just use what you want and need each year, for each child.  These pages are for you to customize your own plan, however you want, and hopefully will cover your states requirements. I simply added several different options for you to choose from. You may want to use one kind of plan during elementary age and then change to a different style for upper grades, or even for different children.  Over the course of homeschooling your plans, styles and methods always change, and that’s ok.

Pennsylvania Portfolio Covers for Homeschool

Included are a few Year-At-A-Glance Calendars, which I always find helpful for reference in my planning notebook throughout the year.  The first planner in each section has shown how I have found it easiest to divide up my subjects, and there’s also a blank one for you to customize.


Year-at-a-glance calendars can always be found for free on our website.

Homeschool Calendar Pages Forms Charts Planning


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