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Learning French in Homeschool

French Curriculum and Supplements

Over the years we’ve tried many different language programs for our French class and have gotten some good basics, but we were really lacking in the grammar and usage.  I had searched through many different curriculums and we finally decided on First Start French from Memoria Press.  We’ve been using the program for a little while now and I must say, I wish I would have gotten it years ago, but very glad to finally have it.  We go through 1-2 lessons per week and my children are really learning, more than just conversational French.  We got the set with pronunciation CD and I find it extremely easy to teach.  On Memoria’s website we also downloaded free crossword puzzles and quizzes, which really help.




The format is very much like their Latin curriculum and each lesson is very simple and fairly thorough, but we also add several supplemental audio materials. Many of the albums we enjoy are from iTunes. Some of our real favorites are from Anny Versini & Jean-Marc Versini – their albums are musical stories and songs in French and the kids really enjoy them. Currently they have over 24 albums available on iTunes and we can’t wait to get them all.


What I really like is that the music is enjoyable – it’s not pop or hip-hop, just really nice children’s music and it’s also not overly cute, just really pleasant. Also included on some of the albums are instrumental only selections which are excellent for musical instrument practice as well.



Though, there aren’t any translations that I could find with the albums, as the children study the language and listen to the albums regularly they’re learning to understand them quite well.


For another great album with simple learning songs and good translation the Kid’s French album is also very good.


These are some more of our favorite songs – these are also really pleasant, the music is excellent, and I find myself singing along with these ones all the time!


Sometimes what we like to do for a little added fun for our language study is watch a DVD with the French language selected – our favorites for this are Winnie the Pooh movies – they are really fun to watch and listen to in French!

It’s amazing how much the kids, especially the younger ones, have gained from learning a second language. Learning a second language is proven to enhance memory, concentration and stimulate brain function – and it can be lots of fun.  There are really a ton more great french albums on iTunes, but the ones above are just some of our current favorites.

If you’re looking for some free resources there are a lot of really good free podcasts in iTunes. We enjoy Coffee Break French, though it’s not necessarily child-oriented, but my kids have still learned a lot from it. They are going to have a children’s program coming soon – I’m looking forward to that.

In iBooks, Coffee Break French has a couple of enhanced books that my older kids really like. The book has audio and video throughout with a thorough explanation and pronunciation of everything in the book.



Using a variety of audio and video really enhances the french grammar from Memoria Press.  We’ve found it to be much better to have the curriculum as a foundation for our studies for the older kids. Adding a variety of media brings what they’ve learned together and makes it fun whole family.



*Disclosure - page contains sponsored links. Please see our full disclosure for more details and thanks for your support.