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Old TV Upcycle

Upcycle old TVWhen my Godfather passed away I wanted to have something special from him and when my husband was helping clean out his house he came across the old TV.  I had talked about how neat it would be to make an old TV into a fish tank about 8 years prior and him being the sweetheart he is, he remembered.  So, with that in mind he made me a gift that is special to me in many ways.

We had a semi-high twenty gallon tank that was just the right height when he gutted the old TV.  He made tood the whole top off and put hinges on it so that it lifts up for easy access to the tank.  There’s a little door that pulls out for where the fine adjustment controls were and he made that so it holds a bottle of fish food.  And the absolute neatest thing was that he wired the power control to turn the fish tank light on and off!  The channel changer he just left mainly for the kids to play with because it makes the clicking sound when you turn it.

I haven’t owned a TV much of my adult life, we don’t watch television, but this is one that I sit and watch for hours on end!

I love fish and aquariums, normally I have about 5 going at a time, minimum. I usually decorate them with old jars, marbles, flowerpots and various little things that we find so that we don’t have too many knick-knacks sitting around, and they’re usually safer from getting broken.  In this pic you can see we have it set up with a Lord of the Rings theme and Sméagol on top with a fish in hand.

I wish I had pics of the whole DIY process, but it was a gift.  Perhaps I can get him to write up some basic instructions one of these days soon.  🙂

I’m thinking about turning this tank into our little nature observation tank – there are so many uses from insects, lizards, frogs, toads, snakes, crayfish, turtles and anything else the kids bring in.  So that’s where it applies to our home school because of it being on the floor where the kids can observe easily without the younger ones being able to “get into anything”.  🙂

Great way to recycle or up cycle an old TV.

Recycle old television aquarium