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Amazing Adventures Creation DVDs

Amazing Adventures Creation DVDs Christian Kids

Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures DVDs


We don’t have “television”, never have – hate it, but we watch lots of different DVDs so that we have better control over just who we invite into our home, and some of our favorites are from AiG.  We started getting Buddy Davis music and DVD programs, especially for our little boy, and we’ve all been hooked ever since.

Amazing Adventures Creation DVDs Christian Kids


Buddy Davis has a passionate and fun way of telling about God’s amazing creation that’s both entertaining and inspiring.  We’ve learned about dinosaur history, fossils, alligators, crocodiles, saw-grass, the Everglades, dolphins, cave formations, blind cave fish, bats and lots more with these awesome DVDs.


Amazing Adventures – Extreme Caving

Buddy Davis Amazing Adventures - Caves

  • watch Buddy Davis and crew through a huge cave labyrinth in Tennessee
  • learn about Noah’s flood
  • learn about how cave formations are made
  • see beautiful and amazing cave formations
  • learn about blind cave fish
  • learn about bats
  • entertaining and comical cartoon songs by Buddy Davis
  • expert scientists teach amazing facts
  • lots more!


Amazing Adventures – I Dig Dinosaurs

AiG Dinosaur Dig Adventure - Fossils

  • learn about fossil excavation on site in Montana
  • learn about how fossils are preserved
  • learn about dinosaur findings history
  • see dinosaur exhibits
  • learn amazing facts from a paleontologist
  • learn about Noah’s flood and God’s creation
  • lots more!


Amazing Adventures – Swamp Man

Buddy Davis Swamp Man Adventures

  • see and learn about amazing animals in the Florida Everglades
  • see and learn about alligators, dolphins and black bear from expert guests
  • learn about the indians that lived in the Everglades
  • see a variety of cool vehicles – boat, swamp buggy, air boat, canoe and more
  • comical cartoon songs by Buddy Davis
  • learn about more of God’s amazing creation & Gospel message
  • lots more!


Amazing Adventures – Alaska

Alaska Creation Adventure DVD


  • sing and learn about animal and nature facts
  • learn about bears
  • learn about mountains and valleys
  • the value of gold in the Bible
  • and lots more!


Our whole family loves all of Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures and can’t wait for the next one!  These videos have us laughing, learning and enjoying the gospel together.  One minute you’re laughing hysterically and the next you’re wide-eyed saying “wow, that’s so cool”.


Buddy Davis is an amazing, energetic guy, filled with an extreme enthusiasm for the Gospel and we are so glad to have these videos – they’re a lot of fun for the whole family and we all recommend them.


From AiG – these videos can be purchased as a download or in DVD format – individually or as a set.  The price we have listed is for the complete set on DVD.