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Thanksgiving Bible Copywork Pages for Homeschool


Thanksgiving Bible Copywork Pages

Thanksgiving Bible Copywork pages are helpful for teaching verses and scripture, while giving children practice with handwriting.  Students will build character, learn sentence structure, spelling, grammar, and be able to practice writing neatly while retaining important Bible passages through copywork.

One of the best ways for children to learn spelling, grammar, sentence structure and handwriting all together is with copywork.  Additionally, copywork  can be used to study a specific subject as an added supplement such as in Science and History.  We’ve found that it’s especially good for Bible verses and character study poetry or writing because it helps the kids to retain the verses, and often they don’t even realize it.

For a nicely done, easy to print, black and white eBook get a downloadable copy of A Copybook of Thanksgiving from Proverbs 22:6 Academy at CurrClick, where you can find a huge selection of Thanksgiving supplements and studies for your homeschool.  In this Thanksgiving Bible Copywork – the Bible verses are in the KJV.

Thanksgiving Bible Copywork Verse Pages for Homeschool


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Another perfect Thanksgiving Bible copywork eBook is Giving Thanks Thanksgiving Copywork from Whole World Publishing, also at CurClick.  This eBook includes the 1828 Webster’s definition of Thanksgiving, which is quite fascinating all in its own, along with Bible verses to copy in three fonts – cursive, italic and print – making them ideal for students of all levels and can be used progressively for more than one year.  These pages are adorned with gorgeous, full color historical artwork.  These Thanksgiving Bible Copywork verses are also in the KJV format.

Giving Thanks Homeschool Notebook Thanksgiving Bible Copywork Pages


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Both of these books are a wonderful addition for learning about giving thanks in your homeschool and Bible verse memorization, while gaining an understanding of why we truly celebrate Thanksgiving.