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Constitution Bill of Rights Copywork – Cursive and Manuscript

U.S. Constitution Copywork – Bill of Rights – Cursive and Manuscript


It’s so important that our children learn the U.S. Constitution and their rights as an American citizen.  Unfortunately many people have not learned simple things like our Bill of Rights within the current education system.  History in general, and our Constitution, are some of the most valuable things our children can learn. Homeschoolers have found that many children learn certain lessons and subjects better from writing them while simultaneously practicing handwriting and that’s what makes copybooks so popular and easy to use.

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The benefits of Handwriting & Copywork include:

  • improve memory retention
  • improve concentration
  • improve attention span
  • improve creativity
  • help children learn the valuable art form of handwriting
  • offer an enjoyable way to learn many school subjects

Teach your children the Bill of Rights, one of our Constitution’s most important set of Amendments while also practicing their penmanship.  This is a set of the complete Bill of Rights in both Cursive and D’Nealian Manuscript.

We recommend using each amendment as a lesson per week, breaking it up into about 3 days, depending on child’s age/ability and how in-depth you are studying the Bill of Rights and Constitution.  Using this eBook and a few other small materials, you could do an in-depth 10 week study for elementary-age students.  A sample lesson plan might look like this:

  1. Day 1 – read and explain the first Amendment, discuss and answer questions.
  2. Day 2 –  have the child read the Amendment and draw a picture explaining or other small related project.
  3. Day 3 – have child copy Amendment in their best handwriting, and read aloud again – discuss/answer questions/review.

For older students you may just want to add into their regular studies and only stretch it out over a 2 week period, one Amendment per day, just as a supplement for their U.S. History studies.

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Samples of Print and Cursive formats

History Constitution Pages for HomeschoolHistory Handwriting Pages for HomeschoolBill of Rights Copywork Pages


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Teach your children the Bill of Rights, one of our Constitution’s most important set of Amendments while also practicing their penmanship.  This is a set of the complete Bill of Rights in both Cursive and D’Nealian Manuscript.

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Multiplication Copywork Pages

Free Multiplication Copywork

With elementary math, we hear how children shouldn’t be “forced” to memorize their math facts, but truthfully, that’s a lot of what early math is really about.  Multiplication is simplified addition and it’s meant to be memorized, it’s just all in how you go about doing it and memorization is best learned when things are fun and easy.


A lot of times children get stuck at multiplication, simply because they don’t memorize the facts.  In order to do division, or any further math, children need to learn and memorize multiplication facts.

I learned my multiplication facts, not in school, (which I unwillingly attended), but instead with my mother in the garden.  She would go through them with me orally while I followed her around in the garden.  With my own children and home education, we have done them in similar ways as well as on paper.  Once they understand the concept of multiplication they simply need to memorize the facts, and it’s best done in a fun, engaging way.

Help reinforce multiplication facts by having your children copy them and write them out.  With this pdf, 0’s and 1’s are excluded, the pages only go through facts 2-12.  This is a printable eBook to download for your children.


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Awesome Homeschool Planner – Forms, Pages, Records, Organization

Heritage Grove Academy’s Awesome Homeschool Planner

2017-2019 the Heritage Grove Academy’s Awesome Homeschool Planner

It’s filled with record keeping pages, school, forms, curriculum planning & scheduling pages, student worksheets & notebooking pages for many subjects, yearly & monthly calendars, along with organizing ideas for your homeschool plan – over 270 pages. In our homeschool years we have used several different formats for planning and have always needed something a little different, so this is our result. These are the same pages we designed to use in our own homeschool.

Every page does not need to be used every year, you may want to use some one year, and others the next. Don’t think that you have to write a novel to plan your homeschool program. And these pages are for your own personal record keeping, only a few should be used if you have to turn papers into the school each year, such as in Pennsylvania and Kentucky. Also included is a letter of notification, as well as scholarship record keeping, (progress reports/report cards), and attendance records.

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Included are some of our ideas on organizing that we have found helpful and other thoughts to keep in mind about homeschooling that we hope you find helpful. All of the planning pages and forms are adorned with lovely, old-fashioned children’s illustrations, and some with Bible verses. Most pages are in soft color for ease on printing and are designed for either horizontal or vertical styles with many options for students, subjects, months, and days. Some pages include pre-filled subject and daily headings for you to use, as well as the same pages left blank, and other added styles and options.

We’re keeping the price so that it remains affordable for everyone – even though it’s worth over $40,  we want you to be sure you’re getting quality for what you spend on your home education materials. You’re sure to be happy with it for years to come. Everything for all your planning needs is in this printable PDF eBook!

The planner & calendars are updated regularly – for FREE – it’s all ready for the 2017-2019 school years.

You’ll get over 300 homeschool planning pages, forms, and record keeping, plus student notebooking/worksheet pages, including:

  • Yearly Course Planning
  • Quarterly Planning
  • Daily Planning Pages
  • Weekly Chore Chart
  • Weekly Schedule
  • Weekly Planning Pages
  • Weekly Assignment Sheets
  • High School Transcripts
  • Project Planner/Log
  • Phys. Ed. Records
  • Yearly-at-a-Glance Calendars – for 3 Years
  • Monthly Calendars – for 24 Months
  • Homeschool Curriculum Library
  • Curriculum Wish List
  • Reading Log
  • Daily Homeschool Log
  • Weekly Schedules
  • Daily Schedules
  • Lunch Menu
  • Objectives for Each Subject
  • Yearly Objectives Planner
  • Immunization Record Form
  • Health Record
  • Dental Record
  • Evaluation Form
  • Letter of Notification
  • Attendance Records
  • Progress Reports/Scholarship Records
  • 12 Spelling Lists
  • 8 Vocabulary Pages
  • 10 Book Report Pages
  • Hymn Study Pages
  • Artist Biography
  • Composer Study
  • 35 Pages for Biographies
  • Greek and Latin Root Words
  • 11 Different Portfolio Covers
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Homeschool Scholarship Records, Forms, Planning Pages


Homeschool Calendar Pages to Write In and Keep Records


Homeschool Planning Yearly Courses Through High School


Homeschool Evaluation Page, Letter of Notification, Records, Forms


Homeschool Spelling Pages


Pennsylvania Portfolio Covers for Homeschool


Homeschool Biography Pages and Book Reports


Homeschool Root Word Vocabulary Tree Words Latin Greek



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