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Moses Bible Story with Art Lesson DVD

God’s Special Surprise ~ Bible Story ~ Art Lesson

Even if you have no artistic background, you can still easily teach art to your children, which is a subject that is highly valuable for their development.  I really enjoy combining subjects in our homeschool and these DVDs give us a great opportunity to do that.  We also really enjoy supplements that are suited for multiple ages and that encourage Biblical truths without being cutesy.  Something wonderful with See the Light Shine Bible Story DVDs is that they have easy to understand Bible stories and lessons that teach children, not just entertain.

Homeschool DVD Bible Story Art Lessons

God’s Special Surprise is the story of Moses, his brave sister and faithful mother, who set out to save their baby and the events that followed.  This beautiful story encourages obedience to God’s Word and helps build faith, making it a special story for families to enjoy together.  With over 280 minutes of content, this DVD art lesson and Bible story will captivate your children while they learn lessons that will last them a lifetime.


Art Lessons Include:

  • Hope for a Nation – Master artist and teacher, Pat Knepley leads children through a step-by-step chalk drawing
  • Moses in the Nile – Storyteller and artist, Jim Pence, gives a tutorial using mixed media
  • Surprise! – Artist and teacher, Heidi Shorts, teaches a creative letter lesson – give a stone look to letters!
  • Bible lessons with each art lesson
  • Stunning black-light effects that give your artwork dramatic flair


Children can also watch a beautiful interpretation of the story being drawn by Master chalk artist, Gloria Kohlmann, either with commentary or music from “Breathing Room”, and watch a clear and easy to understand plan of salvation. The Bible story is recommended for ages 3 and up, while the art lessons are recommended for ages 6 and up, making this Art Lesson and Bible Story DVD excellent for all ages.

Bible Story and Art Lesson on DVD for Kids


Enhance your children’s art skills while they enjoy learning more about God’s Word with this high quality DVD, which includes professional teachers and artists who clearly explain methods while blending Bible stories into the lessons.


Price: $14.99

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Jonah Art Lesson with Bible Story DVD

God’s Runaway ~ Bible Story ~ Art Lesson

One of my favorite things about See the Light Shine DVDs is that they perfectly blend the Bible stories into the art lessons, while also having also having a separate Bible story for the kids to watch.  All of the kids like to follow along with the lessons and watch them over and over, but the twins especially like the Bible stories.

Jonah Bible Story Art Lesson DVD


God’s Runaway is an exciting story of Jonah that has been brought to life through art and demonstrates God’s love and mercy.  Children can also watch Master chalk artist, Gloria Kohlmann, create a stunning black light interpretation of the story with music or with commentary while it’s being created.

Art Lessons Include:

  • Salvation is From the Lord – Storyteller and artist, Jim Pence, gives a tutorial using mixed media
  • Released! – Master artist and teacher, Pat Knepley, demonstrates a step-by-step chalk pastel drawing
  • Obey! – Professional teacher and artist, Heidi Shorts, gives a lesson on creative lettering – add illustrations to enhance!
  • Stunning black-light effects and Bible lessons

Bible Story and Art Lesson on DVD for Kids


Children learn the beautiful gift of salvation, while learning unique art techniques and enjoy a Bible story about Jonah in this masterfully created DVD.  The Bible story is recommended for ages 3 and up, while the art lessons are recommended for ages 6 and up and includes over 260 minutes of content for all ages.


Price: $14.99

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Christmas Story Art Lesson DVD

The Gift of Love ~ Christmas Story ~ Art Lesson

Christmas is always a lovely time of year, filled with warmth and activity that keeps our home busy.  We enjoy listening to Christmas stories, music and watching a few of our favorite holiday movies together.  Though we usually take a few weeks off from “school-work” we still enjoy doing things like holiday puzzles, games and since my children are highly interested in art – lots of drawings, coloring and crafts.


This beautiful art lesson DVD, from See the Light Shine, is an excellent Christmastime activity that reminds us of why we celebrate.  The Gift of Love is the story with the lesson that captures the love and salvation that we receive from Jesus Christ through the fulfillment of scripture.


DVD lessons are really wonderful for homeschooling and my kids like to do them over again, adding their own creativity.  These art lessons are easy for kids of all ages to follow along with, and the little ones especially like watching the story.


Art Lessons Include:

  • Rejoice! – Professional Teacher, Heidi Shorts, teaches Creative Lettering
  • Away in a Manger – Master artist and professional teacher, Pat Knepley, teaches step-by-step drawing with colored pencils
  • Portrait of Mary – Master chalk artist, Gloria Kohlmann, gives a tutorial on chalk art techniques
  • Learn delightful black-light techniques that make your artwork pop!


Additionally, you get to watch Gloria Kohlmann draw an expressive Nativity scene with beautiful music performed by “Breathing Room”, and hear a clear presentation of the salvation message that is explained in a way that is easy for children to understand.



With over 140 minutes of content, this DVD makes an excellent gift for any child and will give them a foundation in Christ, while they learn amazing art techniques.  The Gift of Love – Christmas Story and Art Lesson DVD is a gift that will last a lifetime.

Price: $14.99

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Apostle Paul Bible Story Art Lesson DVD

Shipwrecked ~ Bible Story ~ Art Lesson


Art is something that is a part of our everyday lives, my kids are always creating something and we have walls covered in their artwork.  No matter how much talent and skill they have, they love to keep learning more, so for extra curriculum I love to add DVD lessons.  They enjoy watching them over and over, perfecting techniques and adding their creative flair.  The little ones love the stories and music, as well as trying to do the lessons too.

Bible Art Lesson DVD for Homeschool

This 260 minute Art Lesson DVD from See the Light Shine includes a wonderful Bible story that is great for kids of all ages.  Shipwrecked is the story of the Apostle Paul through the eyes of a child, with his father, who partakes on an incredible journey of fear and hope.


Art Lessons Include:

  • Courage! – Professional teacher, Heidi Shorts, teaches amazing creative lettering – make letters that look like wood!
  • Who Will Save Us? – Master artist and professional teacher, Pat Knepley, leads students through a step-by-step chalk pastel lesson
  • God is My Lighthouse – Storyteller and artist, Jim Pence, gives a tutorial using mixed media
  • Learn amazing art techniques with black-light that creates stunning effects

Bible Story and Art Lesson on DVD for Kids


Children follow step-by-step art lessons, watch an expressive piece of artwork come together, watch a Bible story, listen to beautiful music, and learn the joy of salvation in a clear and simple manner.  These DVDs are so well done and children of all ages will enjoy them.  The story is recommended for ages 3 and up, while the art lessons are recommended for ages 6 and up.


Price: $14.99

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