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Thornton Burgess Bedtime Stories Handwriting Pages

Handwriting Pages - Words of Wisdom Poetry from Thornton Burgess

5 Volume Set - Choose from Cursive, D'Nealian or Manuscript Handwriting Formats

Makes a Great Animals & Nature Study Penmanship Supplement!


Handwriting pages are a great supplement to any subject or for use on their own. One of the ways I found that my kids really enjoy handwriting is by writing things that are fun, poetic, interesting or in some way related to one of their hobbies.  Years ago we started doing copywork for handwriting with some great eBooks that we found on CurrClick - and we've been adding them to different subjects and using them in our studies ever since.

Copywork books, like lap books, make great supplements for a variety of subjects and make also make a big difference with learning abilities in children.  Practicing handwriting has been found to greatly enhance children's learning ability and copywork books make a really fun way for kids to practice while learning about an interest or something related to another subject that they're studying.

Handwriting Pages for Homeschool

We've found these great little poems in the Thornton Burgess Bedtime Stories to be great little "proverbs" for children that are sometimes funny, thoughtful, or just cheerful.  My kids also love poetry and little rhymes like this are a lot of fun for them to easily remember things.  Many of the poems found in the stories like Buster Bear, Reddy Fox, and Paddy Beaver are thoughtful rhymes that are important character traits such as patience, self-control, being observant, being kind and doing your best.

These handwriting pages can be easily used as a supplement to a nature unit study to add writing, poetry, penmanship and character studies.

They are divided into 5 separate volumes and include poems from the following stories - The Adventures of:

  • Reddy Fox
  • Johnny Chuck
  • Peter Cottontail
  • Unc' Billy Possum
  • Mr. Mocker
  • Jerry Muskrat
  • Danny Meadow Mouse
  • Grandfather Frog
  • Chatterer, The Red Squirrel
  • Buster Bear
  • Old Mr Toad
  • Prickly Porky
  • Paddy the Beaver
  • Old Man Coyote
  • Poor Mrs Quack
  • Bobby Coon
  • Jimmy Skunk
  • Bob White

Each of the 5 volumes of handwriting pages copywork can be purchased separate or together in the following styles:

  • Modern Style Cursive Handwriting
  • Modern Style D'Nealian Print
  • Traditional Manuscript Print


Handwriting Pages Words of Wisdom



Price: $13.50

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