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Fall Leaves and Autumn Poetry Copywork Pages

Do your kids love to collect colorful leaves every fall?  Mine sure do - and every one is unique and has to be saved!  I really try to let them do as many crafts as they want with them every year so they can get it out of their system and enjoy them as much as possible - but we still do them every year!   So I made them these printable frame pages and they each print a few and then we hang them all over the house - makes a colorful leaf show inside!

With the little ones I like to let them do a fall leaf-rub with crayon or other such craft in order to preserve their beauty without saving all the leaves themselves.  And since leaves don't melt like snowflakes - I'd have a houseful.

Fall - Autumn Poetry Copywork Pages


My kids also love to practice their handwriting with copywork pages and this eBook has 4 lovely little poems about autumn with a few fall leaf frames to do some pretty leaf rubs.  Below is one of the art frame pages that my 7 year old did and she outlined everything with pencil and made them rather colorful.

Autumn Leaves Pages Homeschool


There is also a spot on the page to identify the tree that the leaf is from, so you can use with your science studies too.  These pages are great for elementary ages to practice art with painting, drawing leaves or doing a simple leaf-rub.  These pages are great for notebooking, as a nice display page for hanging, or you could use them as cover page for a fall unit study.


For each of the poems the 3 fonts included are:

  • Traditional Manuscript Print
  • D'Nealian Manuscript - Slant Print
  • Cursive

Included Pages:

  • Fall Coloring Pages
  • Autumn Word Search
  • Leaf Art Pages
  • Fall/Autumn Notebooking Pages
  • Poetry Copywork


There are also 3 different styles of frames - a single, double and triple frame for each page and you can print as many as you want or need for your students.

Fall - Autumn Coloring, Copywork, Art Pages


Enjoy your pumpkin coffee and the lovely fall weather with your kids while they color and practice their handwriting!  -I hope it's that peaceful for you anyway!

Price: $3.45

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