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Thanksgiving Notebooking Pages and Recipe Cards

Thanksgiving Notebooking Pages

Writing Pages for Copywork ~ Notebooking ~ Narration ~ Summarization

We have used these lovely Thanksgiving notebooking pages for several years in our homeschool for a variety of writing assignments in many different subjects, letter writing, and even creative non-school projects. We are completely in love with all products from Notebooking Pages.com.

Homeschool Writing Pages for Thanksgiving


There are over 40 printable pages to use for your students which include pages with:

  • both Color and Black & White
  • multiple lined options
  • picture boxes within lines
  • Pilgrims, Indians, Fall, harvest and turkey designs
  • Border & Cover pages
  • Coloring Pages
  • Recipe Cards


Thanksgiving Notebooking Pages from NotebookingPages.com.
These high quality pages from Notebooking Pages.com are perfect for:

  • Copywork
  • Narration
  • Summarization
  • Creative Writing
  • Poetry
  • Reports
  • Biographies
  • & Other Writing Assignments

Having a variety of colorful and fun pages for writing assignments in our homeschool has made a big difference for our kids.  They really enjoy writing their final drafts at their best on nice quality pages that go with the theme of their assignments.  I love that this set includes coloring pages – especially for the little ones who aren’t quite ready to do school, but need to be included.

We do notebooking with every subject in our homeschool and pages from NotebookingPages.com always print so nicely and blend perfectly with our studies. The kids love to have their own notebooks that they can write, draw, and paste in, personalizing them, as they learn.  The notebooks end up being beautiful and wonderful to look back at and see how much they’ve done.


Thanksgiving Notebooking Pages for Homeschool


Thanksgiving notebooking pages are ideal for history writing assignments that include Native Americans and the early Colonial Period in history, which is what we prefer to use them with, though we also use them with holiday themed writing, prayers, and copywork.


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Thanksgiving – Autumn Copywork and Notebooking Pages

Autumn & Thanksgiving Pages ~ Bible & Poetry Copywork ~ Fall Notebooking Pages

Beautiful notebooking pages with autumn leaves and fall pumpkins along with Thanksgiving pages with Bible verse and poetry copywork.

Autumn and Thanksgiving Copywork Includes:

  • 3 Font Styles – Print, Slant, & Cursive
  • Bible Verses
  • Poetry
  • Fall Pumpkin Pages
  • Turkey Thanksgiving Pages
  • Autumn Leaf Pages
  • Drawing & Writing Pages
  • 2 Line Styles – Primary & Secondary Styles

Writing and Poetry Thanksgiving Pages for Homeschool


Get our Notebooking & Copywork Thanksgiving Pages Today! 

Price: $5.45

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Learn to Tell Time – Math Clocks Crafts – Worksheets

Printable Math Clock for Learning to Tell Time

Making Math-time Fun!

Learn to Tell Time - Math Clock PrintableLearning to tell time can be super fun for kids when they’re involved in making a hands-on craft.  I don’t know any kid – boys, girls, older, or younger, who don’t just love doing crafty or hands-on learning.  I think it’s because God created us to love to create, as mentioned in our Art in Homeschool – Why? post.


The twins are about 5 now and since their older sisters are doing school, they think they should be too.  This is both a blessing and sometimes not… but, more about that another time.  They’re really interested in learning to read and tell time right now, and I’m trying to go with it.

So, I’m trying to teach them to count by 5’s on the clock and it’s definitely harder to do when pointing to the clock on the wall.   They both love to color and ‘create’ so a printable was first on my thoughts, because really, I’m not that “crafty” – I like simple, but effective hands-on activities – especially with math.


After scanning through my printable clock pages, I came up disappointed because none of them had the 5’s on them, which is what I was really looking at with the twins.  So, this is how these Make A Clock pages were born.


For the full eBook – there are several different options and clock styles for all Early Elementary Ages.

  • Plain Clock to Color & Decorate
  • With 5’s & Arrows to Count
  • With Blank Spaces to Count 5’s
  • Clocks with Different Background Pictures
  • 3 Full Color Clocks
  • Hands to Match both B/W & Color
  • Total of 11 Clock Faces – 8 to Color & Decorate
  • Worksheets for Time-Telling Practice
  • Worksheets with and without Hands
  • Worksheets with Minutes

Cut Out Clocks - Tell Time Math Worksheets

The twins had so much fun making these, and it was worth the effort.  Now, their 9 year-old sister wants one too, for play.  I’m glad they’ll work for all elementary ages, because then we’ll be able to “do school” while being able to progress.

Homeschool Clock Download Pages

They’ve been wanting to do so much that I also started them on some other simple math activity pages – we use the Complete Book of Math series for younger grades, as I teach the concept.  I like these books because they’re just simple activities that reinforce basic math skills with a variety of activities – cut and paste, color, recipes, and crafts – along with basic worksheet pages.

Math Worksheet Pages for Elementary



Get the Make A Clock eBook Pages Set Here!

Cut Out Clock Pages - Time Telling Worksheets

Price: $3.45

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Fall Leaves and Autumn Poetry Copywork Pages

Do your kids love to collect colorful leaves every fall?  Mine sure do – and every one is unique and has to be saved!  I really try to let them do as many crafts as they want with them every year so they can get it out of their system and enjoy them as much as possible – but we still do them every year!   So I made them these printable frame pages and they each print a few and then we hang them all over the house – makes a colorful leaf show inside!

With the little ones I like to let them do a fall leaf-rub with crayon or other such craft in order to preserve their beauty without saving all the leaves themselves.  And since leaves don’t melt like snowflakes – I’d have a houseful.

Fall - Autumn Poetry Copywork Pages


My kids also love to practice their handwriting with copywork pages and this eBook has 4 lovely little poems about autumn with a few fall leaf frames to do some pretty leaf rubs.  Below is one of the art frame pages that my 7 year old did and she outlined everything with pencil and made them rather colorful.

Autumn Leaves Pages Homeschool


There is also a spot on the page to identify the tree that the leaf is from, so you can use with your science studies too.  These pages are great for elementary ages to practice art with painting, drawing leaves or doing a simple leaf-rub.  These pages are great for notebooking, as a nice display page for hanging, or you could use them as cover page for a fall unit study.


For each of the poems the 3 fonts included are:

  • Traditional Manuscript Print
  • D’Nealian Manuscript – Slant Print
  • Cursive

Included Pages:

  • Fall Coloring Pages
  • Autumn Word Search
  • Leaf Art Pages
  • Fall/Autumn Notebooking Pages
  • Poetry Copywork


There are also 3 different styles of frames – a single, double and triple frame for each page and you can print as many as you want or need for your students.

Fall - Autumn Coloring, Copywork, Art Pages


Enjoy your pumpkin coffee and the lovely fall weather with your kids while they color and practice their handwriting!  -I hope it’s that peaceful for you anyway!

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Easter – Spring Copywork, Coloring and Puzzle Pages

Christian Church Puzzles, Coloring Pages and Copywork

Spring & Easter Poetry Copywork

Get them Now!

Spring Poetry Copywork - Easter Coloring - Puzzle Pages

Christian Church Puzzles & Coloring Pages

Perfect for quiet time during church & homeschool holiday studies.  Includes poems for Easter and Spring to copy in three fonts:

  • D’Nealian Manuscript – Italic
  • D’Nealian Cursive – Traditional
  • Standard Manuscript – Print

Coloring pages are simple for little ones, and with room to draw for older kids.  Puzzles are for the Church holiday and include answer key for parents.  This 50 page eBook is ideal for kids of all ages!

Get them Now!


Spring Poetry Easter Puzzles and Coloring


Price: $4.45

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Christmas Story Art Lesson DVD

The Gift of Love ~ Christmas Story ~ Art Lesson

Christmas is always a lovely time of year, filled with warmth and activity that keeps our home busy.  We enjoy listening to Christmas stories, music and watching a few of our favorite holiday movies together.  Though we usually take a few weeks off from “school-work” we still enjoy doing things like holiday puzzles, games and since my children are highly interested in art – lots of drawings, coloring and crafts.


This beautiful art lesson DVD, from See the Light Shine, is an excellent Christmastime activity that reminds us of why we celebrate.  The Gift of Love is the story with the lesson that captures the love and salvation that we receive from Jesus Christ through the fulfillment of scripture.


DVD lessons are really wonderful for homeschooling and my kids like to do them over again, adding their own creativity.  These art lessons are easy for kids of all ages to follow along with, and the little ones especially like watching the story.


Art Lessons Include:

  • Rejoice! – Professional Teacher, Heidi Shorts, teaches Creative Lettering
  • Away in a Manger – Master artist and professional teacher, Pat Knepley, teaches step-by-step drawing with colored pencils
  • Portrait of Mary – Master chalk artist, Gloria Kohlmann, gives a tutorial on chalk art techniques
  • Learn delightful black-light techniques that make your artwork pop!


Additionally, you get to watch Gloria Kohlmann draw an expressive Nativity scene with beautiful music performed by “Breathing Room”, and hear a clear presentation of the salvation message that is explained in a way that is easy for children to understand.



With over 140 minutes of content, this DVD makes an excellent gift for any child and will give them a foundation in Christ, while they learn amazing art techniques.  The Gift of Love – Christmas Story and Art Lesson DVD is a gift that will last a lifetime.

Price: $14.99

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