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History Handwriting Copywork – Cursive and Manuscript

U.S. Constitution Copywork – Bill of Rights – Preamble – Pledge – 3 Penmanship Styles

For many of our studies, one of our favorite things to add as supplements are copywork pages.  Copywork pages are great for younger kids who are learning their printing, but our older kids really like them too for practicing cursive.  They always like to do their best work when they have nice, clean pages with an easy to follow copywork format.

We especially love to use copywork pages for history – sometimes it’s a short poem on some fancy pages where they can add some drawings.

Copywork is an excellent way for children to retain information while energizing their artistic abilities.  Handwriting itself is more of an art than anything, and many studies have shown that it actually improves and stimulates brain function in children.

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Some of the benefits of Handwriting & Copywork include:

  • learn to sit still
  • improve memory retention
  • improve concentration
  • improve attention span
  • improve and energize creativity
  • improve handwriting and artistic skills
  • help children learn the valuable art form of handwriting
  • offer an enjoyable way to learn many school subjects

When I got out of High School and started teaching my own children, I couldn’t believe how much history I didn’t learn!  I had a couple years in school where I had a proficient teacher where I did learn a lot, but overall I didn’t know enough U.S. history to be an informed citizen.  With homeschooling, my children study a lot of history and I work very hard trying to make it all memorable.  For U.S. History a perfect way to learn our Bill of Rights, the Preamble to the Constitution and Pledge of Allegiance is through handwriting copywork.

It’s so important that our children learn the U.S. Constitution and their rights as an American citizen.  Unfortunately many people have not learned simple things like our Bill of Rights within the current education system.  History in general, and our Constitution, are some of the most valuable things our children can learn. Homeschoolers have found that many children learn certain lessons and subjects better from writing them while simultaneously practicing handwriting and that’s what makes copybooks so popular and easy to use.

Teach your children the Bill of Rights, one of our Constitution’s most important set of Amendments, along with the Preamble to the Constitution and Pledge of Allegiance, while also practicing their penmanship.  This is a set of the complete Bill of Rights, Preamble to the U.S. Constitution, and Pledge of Allegiance in Manuscript Print, D’Nealian Slant, and Traditional Cursive.

We recommend using each amendment as a lesson per week, breaking it up into about 3 days, depending on child’s age/ability and how in-depth you are studying the Bill of Rights and Constitution.  Using this book and a few other materials, you could do an in-depth 10 week study for elementary-age students.  A sample lesson plan might look like this:

  1. Day 1 – read and explain the first Amendment, discuss and answer questions.
  2. Day 2 –  have the child read the Amendment and draw a picture explaining or other small related project.
  3. Day 3 – have child copy Amendment in their best handwriting, and read aloud again – discuss/answer questions/review.

For older students you may just want to add into their regular studies and only stretch it out over a 2 week period, one Amendment per day, just as a supplement for their U.S. History studies.


Get the U.S. Constitution Preamble and Pledge of Allegiance in Digital or Softcover Book for your students today!  

Also included are U.S. States and State Capitals Word Searches for a bit of fun.

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Samples of Print and Cursive formats

History Constitution Pages for HomeschoolHistory Handwriting Pages for HomeschoolBill of Rights Copywork Pages


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Teach your children the Bill of Rights, one of our Constitution’s most important set of Amendments while also practicing their penmanship.  This is a set of the complete Bill of Rights in both Cursive and D’Nealian Manuscript.

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Thanksgiving Notebooking Pages and Recipe Cards

Thanksgiving Notebooking Pages

Writing Pages for Copywork ~ Notebooking ~ Narration ~ Summarization

We have used these lovely Thanksgiving notebooking pages for several years in our homeschool for a variety of writing assignments in many different subjects, letter writing, and even creative non-school projects. We are completely in love with all products from Notebooking Pages.com.

Homeschool Writing Pages for Thanksgiving


There are over 40 printable pages to use for your students which include pages with:

  • both Color and Black & White
  • multiple lined options
  • picture boxes within lines
  • Pilgrims, Indians, Fall, harvest and turkey designs
  • Border & Cover pages
  • Coloring Pages
  • Recipe Cards


Thanksgiving Notebooking Pages from NotebookingPages.com.
These high quality pages from Notebooking Pages.com are perfect for:

  • Copywork
  • Narration
  • Summarization
  • Creative Writing
  • Poetry
  • Reports
  • Biographies
  • & Other Writing Assignments

Having a variety of colorful and fun pages for writing assignments in our homeschool has made a big difference for our kids.  They really enjoy writing their final drafts at their best on nice quality pages that go with the theme of their assignments.  I love that this set includes coloring pages – especially for the little ones who aren’t quite ready to do school, but need to be included.

We do notebooking with every subject in our homeschool and pages from NotebookingPages.com always print so nicely and blend perfectly with our studies. The kids love to have their own notebooks that they can write, draw, and paste in, personalizing them, as they learn.  The notebooks end up being beautiful and wonderful to look back at and see how much they’ve done.


Thanksgiving Notebooking Pages for Homeschool


Thanksgiving notebooking pages are ideal for history writing assignments that include Native Americans and the early Colonial Period in history, which is what we prefer to use them with, though we also use them with holiday themed writing, prayers, and copywork.


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Knowledge Quest Historical MapTrek Book ~ CD-ROM ~ eBooks

Study History and Geography Together!


Knowledge Quest Map Trek Atlas and Outline Maps eBook Set + Hardcover Book & CD-ROM Set

Awesome Geography and History Book Set

When my older kids were little I used to teach history as one subject and geography as another – I wished I had this from the beginning!  This has been such a wonderful resource – and fortunately I can use it for all grade levels so my older kids still get to benefit.  When you have a bunch of different subjects to teach to multi-age students, with a variety of interests and activity levels,  it’s a blessing to be able to combine certain subjects and this has been one of my favorite resources for that.

On their website they have also have a selection of free, downloadable integration guides for the most popular homeschool history programs, so all you have to do is look through the guide and print the listed maps to go with your lesson plans.  So easy!

My children all love to mark the places on their maps, draw cool pictures for certain places and color them and it works for all ages and ability levels.  I even put off getting it when I first saw it because I didn’t realize just how much I’d use it – when I finally got it, I was really sorry I didn’t get it sooner!

For me I love the hardcover book, and you can add it to the eBook set.  I prefer the hardcover book because I like to have it in my hands when going over a lesson and we use it a lot for reference. And having the maps on CD-ROM is really awesome for all the kids, and sometimes I let them print an extra one if they “mess up” – which makes them much happier.

We’ve used a lot of different curriculum over the past 13 years – and this is at the top of my list for foundational resources – I love the format, I love the book, I love the maps and I love teaching geography and history together with MapTrek!

With the Hardcover/CD-ROM Set and eBook Set

You get:

  • 4 world history outline map sets from – Ancient, Medieval, New World and Modern time periods
  • Complete U.S. American Edition – maps for each state
  • 650 page hardcover book
  • 276 full color teacher maps
  • 270 black and white blank student maps
  • grid maps
  • lesson plans
  • complete 6 eBook set for easy printing


Get over 476 clean, gorgeous historical maps and take a whole new look at history with your students!

U.S. and World History Maps Homeschool

Not sure? – Click on the same link for a free 47 page sample!


Price: $37.00

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