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I Got It! Math Board Game for Kids

I Got It! Math Board Game

Kids learn basic geometric shapes, math skills, and colors - great for ages 4-10 and 2-4 players.  I Got It! is a great game for kids to learn while having fun!  Board games are so much better than electronic games and children learn so many more skills while playing with family and friends.  This is a great rainy-day game and also lots of fun over holidays when you're taking a break from homeschooling - but never from learning!


Counting Board Game for Preschoolers

Board games are the best for family interactive play - kids learn social skills, increase their attention span and memory retention - all while having fun!  I Got It! is a fun board game that's especially great for younger kids - it's easy for them to play, while giving them the opportunity to learn strategy.  It's played much like Bingo, so there's plenty of chance involved too.

On the spin board you spin first for a number then for a shape - then match it on your game board.  When you match 5 in a row you shout - "I Got It!" to win!

Adults and big kids will enjoy playing this board game with younger children and have fun watching them learn!


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Price: $19.99

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