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Successful Household, Business, Homeschool Planning

Organize for Homeschool, Business and Home

Organize ~ Business ~ Homeschool ~ Life


Organization can seem like a daunting task when you're running a blog/business and homeschooling, but there are ways to make it easier.  Many planners and organizers are cluttered and complicated, which for me, makes them too overwhelming to follow, even after I've managed to fill them in.   I've found that with my organization notes that keeping it as simplified as possible is the best way to work through and actually accomplish your goals.


These are the pages I use for my own organization to plan a monthly budget, weekly menu, goals, and schedules to work toward them daily and accomplish more.


The pages are very basic to help simplify, but at the same time prioritize "things to do" in a simplified manner.  This is especially helpful for parents and teens who are balancing schoolwork with a small business, keeping a blog, writing, or for anyone who simply has a lot to do in their household.


It includes a daily schedule, curriculum wish-list and library-list, menus with shopping lists, recipe page and ideas to help you get started accomplishing more each day.  For young adults, as well as parents.


This eBook can be purchased separately or get it free with our Homeschool Planner - which is jam-packed with everything you could ever need to plan and organize your homeschool, curriculum, lessons and schedule.  It also includes state forms such as Letter of Notification, Objectives, Evaluation letter, Attendance forms, Medical and Dental forms.


See more about our 200+ page Homeschool Planner Here


Homeschool Planner with Home, Business and Life Planning


Get it as a Bundle with the HGA Homeschool Planner


Planning and organizing your home and school is really enjoyable when you have a planning system that you can keep simple and easy to follow.  I love keeping all my goals and tasks in this format.  The menu planner and budget planners have also been especially helpful.  We have been using this planning system for several years in our home and have had great success with it and hope you enjoy it too.


Schedules, Forms, and Lists for Business, Home and School


Successful Household Planning - Schedules, Forms and Lists for Business, Home and School


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