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Complete K-8 Creation Science Curriculum

Creation Science

God’s Design for Science ~ Complete K-8 Curriculum Set


When we first started homeschooling years ago I had been looking for a creation science curriculum that I could teach without spending a fortune and that went along with our beliefs.  It wasn't easy and I ended up creating our own pages and studies, using various encyclopedias and books we had, for the first few years.  As time went on, I was still searching and I came across God's Design from R&D Publications.  After purchasing the first set, I was so excited about the excellent content and ease of use that we began buying each book as they were being published!


A few years ago, Answers in Genesis took over the publication of the set and made quite a few welcome updates - such as the disk with printable quizzes and worksheets!  I still have my old creation science sets, but I did get the newly updated set from AiG and I'm so glad that I did - it's perfect and we love the curriculum even more!



Exploring Science Weather Chemistry Plants Animals Creation Curriculum for Homeschool


Each science book has easy lesson plans, which are divided into color coordinated grade levels for students and did I mention how awesome it is to have the quizzes and worksheets on disk to print?  After spending years copying the pages from the previous versions - with awful black shadows going down crooked pages, that's my favorite update.


Each science book set also comes with a separate Teacher's Guide, which is also helpful, and there is also a book of all of the worksheets, quizzes and answer keys.  The new creation science books are also now in full color with fantastic new cover designs - and even more so with the newest edition.


When I compared the prices of other popular homeschool creation science curriculum, and considering that this set can be used for grades Kindergarten through eighth - this science book set was the best deal I found.  I really love curriculum that covers more than one grade level - it makes it so much easier to teach multi-level grades at the same time and I like being able to all have class together.  It's something that saves me lots of time so that I'm not bouncing back and forth between subjects and kids, and we end up having lots more fun.  Science class should definitely be fun.


While this is a complete creation science curriculum, we do add supplements - mainly things like copywork pages, IEW writing, art lessons/projects, and mini unit studies - where we find something really interesting that we want (end up) studying more in-depth.  Of course anything we find and study that we find outside or on a field trip is awesome too.


The layout of the daily science lessons are very easy for the teacher - there's no major planning that you have to do except for a simple supply list.  All of my kids have found the science lessons easy to understand and we usually end up in a fun discussion where science class ends up taking most of the day... but, that's why blending other subjects works great for us!

Complete Creation Science Curriculum Sets Include:

God's Design for Chemistry and Ecology 

Homeschool Creation Curriculum for Chemistry and Ecology


  • Properties of Matter
  • Properties of Atoms and Molecules
  • Properties of Ecosystems
  • Teacher's Supplement for each book
  • CD with Printable Quizzes and Worksheets
  • Learn about Periodic Table of Elements
  • Learn the Scientific Method
  • For Grades 3-8


God's Design for Heaven and Earth Set

Homeschool Creation Weather Planet Earth Universe for Homeschool


  • Our Planet Earth
  • Our Weather and Water
  • Our Universe
  • Teacher's Supplements
  • CD with Printable Quizzes and Worksheets
  • Learn about Solar System, Space Exploration and Astronomy
  • Learn Geology, Atmosphere, Oceans, and Weather
  • For grades 1-8


God's Design for Life Set

Creation Science Exploring Homeschool Curriculum Plants and Animals


  • The World of Plants
  • The Human Body
  • The World of Animals
  • Teacher's Supplements
  • CD with Printable Quizzes and Worksheets
  • Study Nature including Plants and Animals
  • Learn Animal Kingdom Classification
  • Learn about the Human Body & Creation
  • For grades 1-8


God's Design for the Physical World Set

Creation Science for Homeschool Explore Inventions Technology Heat Energy and Motion


  • Heat and Energy
  • Machines and Motion
  • Inventions and Technology
  • Teacher's Supplements
  • CD with Printable Quizzes and Worksheets
  • Learn about Magnetism, Electricity and Light
  • Learn about Motion, Energy and more
  • Fun, Hands on Experiments
  • For grades 3-8


There is a lot more that is studied in each book than I have listed, but those are the main areas of study that you'll find with the AiG creation science curriculum.


All of the science books can be purchased individually, as mini sets or as one complete science set - which is the best deal.


We really love this creation science curriculum and have used it for many years with great joy and success.  We love that it's all from a young-earth, creation point of view and all information is both thorough and well researched.


God's Design For Science Complete Set


Price: $299.00

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