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See the Light – Crossmaker DVD Art Lesson

See the Light The Crossmaker Easter Story Art Lesson

I have a fairly strong background in art and have always enjoyed teaching it to my children – that doesn’t mean that a supplement isn’t a welcome blessing!  I also enjoy teaching math – but I love to have our Systematic Mathematics DVD supplements.  I have found that video supplements are very helpful in our home education program for a variety of reasons.  First off – it gives me a little bit of a break to do other things if needed, secondly, I feel that it’s an extremely convenient way to introduce the children to different teaching & learning methods – without us having to interrupt our already busy schedule.  Plus, it brings further expertise in areas that I may not have covered and would have completely missed.


See the Light Shine Art CurriculumWe received the Easter story The Crossmaker art lesson DVD earlier this year, and the kids did the lessons during the week prior to Easter.  The ages of our kids who did the lessons are currently 12, 11 and 7 – with our two 3 year olds also engaged by it, but not “necessarily” doing the lessons.  One thing I feel the need to point out is that it’s been a little over two months since they did the lessons and they have continued to produce lovely works of art using the methods they learned from See The Light’s DVD curriculum!   They loved it – loved it – loved it!


The first part starts out with the story called The Crossmaker – which is a biblically accurate portrayal of the crucifixion story through the eyes of a young boy.  The story is dramatized through drawings with professional voices presented with an endearing narration of a grandfather and young children.  The kids said they thought that it was a very “neat” (with lots of exclamations) way to present the story and the drawings throughout it were inspiring and made them even more excited to get to the art lesson.  They really liked the narrator as well.

Art Lessons for Homeschool on DVD See the Light

12 Year Old – Creative Lettering Art Lesson – Glory!


The next part we did was the Creative Lettering with artist Heidi Shorts – Glory!  All my kids have really loved doing fancy printing, handwriting – anything artistic with penmanship.  When they have completed a math quiz – I get the paper back with much more effort put into the writing of their name than anything else on the paper and it really just makes me smile.  We have done Spencerian Penmanship, How Great Thou Art, Calligraphy and a wide variety of other curriculum for lettering because that’s how much they love it – so, a creative lettering lesson was right up their alley!  What was really nice about this lesson is that even with the variety of knowledge they already have they still learned a great deal.  They enjoyed learning ways to improve their methods and how the teacher presented the lesson with a biblical background.  One of the things I thought was really wonderful that she pointed out is how important lettering is – how it makes you feel by how it looks.  This was an excellent lesson and would be helpful to any child.  I had thought that it might be especially helpful to one who is learning to print and maybe isn’t doing so well, because it would give them an bit of inspiration and spark of creativity, then maybe spur an interest.

DVD Art Lessons for Homeschool See the Light Curriculum

11 Year Old – Creative Lettering Art Lesson – Glory!



Creative Lettering Art Lesson See the Light

7 Year Old – Creative Lettering – Glory!







Our next lesson was He is Not Here! He is Risen! – with Art Club Master Teacher Pat Knepley.  This was also quite an impressive and enjoyable lesson.  What the kids really liked, besides the really friendly, professional teacher; was that she clearly incorporated the art lesson around the Bible verses.  I was actually surprised when I asked them what they thought and that was their first response. The lesson itself was fun and exciting with the glowing effects created – I expected their first thoughts would have been “it was so Cool!”.   So, I must say that the Bible lesson presented is equally as valuable as the art lesson. What I also liked was that she added some historical artwork samples into the lesson giving even further explanation of the lesson.

DVD Art Lessons for Homeschool

7 year Old – Watercolor Lesson – Three Crosses on a Hill


Then we did the lesson – Three Crosses on a Hill with Jim Pence.  This was also really fun with yet another wonderful teacher who clearly explained everything so well and also incorporated biblical truths.  This lesson included pen and ink style drawing with watercolor which was a really neat lesson – it also had a glowing effect added which gave the lesson and the biblical story such an impact.

Watercolor Mixed Media Art Lesson DVD Crossmaker

11 Year Old – Watercolor Lesson – Three Crosses on a Hill










We also watched chalk artist Gloria Kohlmann create a fantastic drawing with the music from Breathing Room artists.  Wow – this was truly impressive and an absolute joy to watch!  The kids thought it was amazing to watch such lovely artwork come to life before their eyes!   What was truly stunning was the huge surprise at the end.  Then we watched it again while listening to her commentary and got to learn a lot about chalk drawing techniques, paper and methods, in addition to added biblical lessons.  What I liked most about this was that she gave a real “you can do it too!” attitude  – which after watching her work in awe, was a very nice added lesson.


There is also the plan of salvation included for children.  It’s presented very clearly and accurately through fantastic artwork and narration in a similar format as the story of The Crossmaker.


Overall this art program is fantastic and we love it – I definitely plan to purchase them all.  My children learned a lot through the techniques and mediums presented, as well as the Bible lessons.  The teachers are engaging, friendly and professional.  Each lesson has biblical lessons incorporated into it – giving the lesson more meaning and substance.  The lessons are exciting, fun and inspiring.  All materials used for the art lessons are clearly explained as to what their purpose is and how to use them.  The video quality is also top-notch and they are much more than just art lessons.


We highly recommend See The Light Shine as a company and The Crossmaker DVD art lesson for home education.  I am very pleased to say that my children will carry these lessons that they’ve learned throughout their lives.


Here are their first attempts with the He Is Risen! He is Not Here! art lesson.  They weren’t entirely pleased with how their drawings turned out, but they’ve all been experimenting and further practicing with pastels and have been getting better and better.

DVD art lessons for homeschool

12 Year Old – He is Risen! He is Not Here! Easter Art Lesson



Art Lessons for Homeschool on DVD

11 Year Old – He Is Risen! He is Not Here! Easter Art Lesson


Easter art lesson on dvd for homeschooling

7 Year Old – He Is Risen! He is Not Here! Easter Art Lesson















See the Light Shine Art DVD Curriculum





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