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Skirt from Old Jeans

Yesterday I tried an idea that I had, and I’m pleased to say it turned out fairly well.   My girls have a lot of old jeans – you know, the ones that are missing the knees, but otherwise are wearable – and usually become shorts.   I thought I’d do something a little more fun than shorts and make them into skirts.

skirt from old jeans back

Skirt from old jeans front

So, here’s what I did for my 7 & 8 year old’s:

  1. Cut the jeans just below the back & front pockets – cutting away the crotch, straight across.  (or as straight as I can cut..lol)
  2. Took an old, woman’s skirt that the elastic was gone from and cut the waist off – for length and then cut it in half at the seams.
  3. Sewed the seams back up – but in two pieces.
  4. Sewed the skirts inside the jean tops – at about an inch to leave room for fraying.

So, with 1 woman’s size skirt and 2 pair of old jeans – I made two matching jean skirts, in about a half an hour.

This was an idea that came a couple years ago, when my sister got my oldest daughter – 12 at the time, a really short jean skirt.  She knows we don’t wear short skirts like that, but it had a lot of beading and lace on it and she couldn’t pass it up. 🙂

So, she suggested sewing a piece of material inside to make it longer and a little more modest.  So, my daughter did just that – and now she has a beautiful jean skirt with beads, lace and a floor length tie-dye skirt.  🙂

For a teen or adult – the process would be much more simple:

  1. Either take a short jean skirt – or cut an old pair of jeans like above.
  2. Take an old skirt – any size and sew in inside.
  3. Decorate with lace or beads as you want.

The nice thing about this is you can make a really pretty skirt without having to deal with the waist or hem.  It also comes with pockets and is quite stylish for most anything.

Make it as long or short as you want, use any material or any old skirt – great way to recycle your old clothes!  This is something so easy, but with endless possibilities and a great sewing project for younger girls.