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Art in Homeschool – Babies & Toddlers – Crayon Stage

Crayon Stage – Babies and Toddlers

How and Why to teach babies and toddlers Art in Homeschool

Recommended supplies to introduce and why:

  • Crayons – large crayons are ok to try at first if you like, but smaller ones are actually better for fine motor skills and moving into the Pencil Stage.  I tried the… Continue reading

The Joys… and Fun, of Twins

Our twins just turned 2! Yay!  I’m so excited that we’ve made it this far, and at the same time, oh, the fun we’ve had!  Most of the true difficulty has been with, and because of, my own health, but thankfully my husband… Continue reading

Breastfeeding and Target Protest

I recently heard about all the protesting going on at the Target stores as it’s spreading nation-wide, and after breastfeeding 6 children of my own, I feel the need to post some kind of comment.  I also frequent Target and quite frankly I’m shocked… Continue reading

Pregnancy & Herbs Part I

When you are pregnant you have to be very careful of the herbs that you use so that you do not hurt yourself or your baby.  Some herbs will cause you to go into labor and that is certainly not something you want to… Continue reading