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Back to Homeschool Sale

2016 Homeschool Sale

Every year in August there’s always lots of back to school sales – and with homeschooling it’s no different!  No matter what time of year you start homeschooling – or whether you homeschool year-round, a curriculum sale is an opportunity to… Continue reading

Learning French in Homeschool

French Curriculum and Supplements

Over the years we’ve tried many different language programs for our French class and have gotten some good basics, but we were really lacking in the grammar and usage.  I had searched through many different curriculums and we finally decided… Continue reading

Typing for Christian Homeschool

One of the most valuable skills I learned in my entire public school career was typing.  I don’t know where I’d be today if I hadn’t learned to type.  As a homeschool mom it was something that occurred to me that these days… Continue reading