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Free Fall Pages – Math and Reading

Free Fall Pages for Kids for Reading & Math – Perfect for Homeschool Unit Study


For my kids we always love to include seasonal pages for them with all subjects – especially math and reading.  It makes it so much more fun… Continue reading

The Subject You Don’t Want to Teach

If you’re not having fun and completely enjoying any of your homeschool subjects – you’re doing it wrong!

Do you hate teaching math?  Then how can you expect your child to learn it, let alone enjoy learning it?  If you’re struggling with teaching… Continue reading

Fun Math Board Game for Kids

I Got It! Math Board Game for Kids

My kids love board games and when they’re educational I like them even more!  One of their favorite board games is I Got It!  With this fun math game they learn shapes, colors, number recognition… Continue reading

Best Homeschool Math Curriculum

We have been struggling with math for the past couple years.  I had no problem teaching elementary math, but once we got to about 5th grade I started having difficulties explaining the concepts and I was afraid I was making things worse.  I… Continue reading