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Today I Fell in Love with America again – Thanks @Chick-Fil-A!

I have always loved my country, ever since I was little I understood the freedom we have here in the U.S.  Growing up I’ve witnessed those freedoms being first taken for granted, and then, slowly, sneakily being taken away and God being removed.  I have always wanted to make a difference and have always had an interest in politics, but have not found myself to have enough self-control to partake in that area.  I get upset and angry too easily at the evils that are going on across this country, and my mouth is generally best kept to myself.

Instead I have found myself best suited to encourage others to learn history, learn the words and people behind our Constitution.  I am determined to educate my children on history and current events over most other subjects – they need to know WHY we live in this country.  My only problem with teaching history is that I often get choked up and have trouble speaking, especially when discussing the beliefs of the people who died so we can be here – (I’m sort of like Glenn Beck, only female so it’s much worse…lol)  And that’s where I get angry – how can people be so selfish and ignorant that they take this blessed country for granted?  Don’t they understand what our ancestors went through to have what we do?  And why do people let our freedoms slip away so easily?

I have been frustrated, angry, apathetic, but still hopeful of something – and today I saw it.  Today we saw people – thousands of people all over the country coming out publicly to support freedom.  Chick-Fil-A is nothing more than a restaurant – personally I’ve never been there and only ever had a slight interest in going there after watching Tim Hawkins…lol  But, what this restaurant did was simply stand up for what they believe – that’s all, and they did it with pride, honesty and politeness.  And people not only listened, but came out in droves to support them!

Our country, and worst of all, Christianity, is under attack here in the U.S.  Things are coming to a head very soon – today we saw something pivotal.

Here is a link with some of the photos from Chick-Fil-As across the country:


I also saw some additional photos from all over on Faceboook today – seeing these pictures and all the people, together, supporting freedom in general, freedom of speech, family, and some Christianity, brought tears to my eyes and a hope in my heart that perhaps our country is not lost.

Our country was founded on Christianity, like it or not, it’s a fact.  And I will continue to educate my children and help you to educate your’s in our country’s history so that we can take back what has been lost by ignorance, and with God at our side, have a better future.

Thank you for everyone who supported Chick-Fil-A today – you have made me fall in love with America again and restored my hope that all is not lost.

If you would like to show support to Chick-Fil-A by signing a petition to the executives, franchise owners and over 61,000 employees for their Christian business practices, stated support for biblical values and the traditional American family Click Here.

This pic from Facebook (Tom Wooten) says a lot!