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Homeschool Painting

Art instruction course designed for kids and teens with quality lessons.

Does your child want to paint – really paint? When your child has a great interest in art and painting – where do you begin? You want to give them the best quality instruction available. Here is your brand new edition from The Learn and Master Painting Homeschool Edition


Art student course - learn painting the easy way - become an artist.


This is a complete 2 year course designed for home study with fun in mind for homeschoolers! Along with your complete painting curriculum you receive a 56 page teacher’s guide to help your children.


This is a complete and comprehensive painting curriculum designed to help your students master painting even if you have no skills or previous experience. There is no other painting course like this available to help your children learn and master painting. Give your children a creative outlet and the skills that will last a lifetime with this amazing course today.

Learn & Master Painting – the world’s most complete video
instruction course for painting

With your set you receive:

  • 20 DVDs
  • 3 Music CDs
  • 100+ Page Lesson Book
  • 56 Page Teacher’s Guide
  • Online Community & Student Support
  • 60 Day, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee
  • The Priceless advantage of Professional Private Painting Lessons in your home without the hassle and added cost!
Free Painting Sample Lessons


From the Instructor, Gayle Levée:

“Once your child understands the painting principles I present in this course, a whole new world will open up to him or her. Your child will be able to enter the workplace armed with this knowledge. Artistic knowledge is used in web design, interior decorating, museums, easel painting, illustration, landscaping, architecture, mural and faux-finishing, laser animation, portraiture, teaching, cartooning, photography, marketing, computer games, fashion, publishing, and many other industries. Much of the work of an artist can be done at home. Artwork is a great home-based business. And if your child chooses a different career, artwork can be a source of comfort and inspiration as an avocation. Artistic understanding will help your child to live better, to make better choices, and to appreciate creation in a new way. He or she will be able to put his ideas on paper and will have another tool for communication. And the discipline of artistic training will strengthen the mind of your child. ”

Don’t put off getting these wonderful, fun and useful skills into your child’s hands – order yours today!

Home School Painting Learning Course