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Autumn & Fall Pages for Homeschooling

Fall homeschool pages for handwriting, leaf rubs, artwork, crafts - supplements for students.

Who doesn’t love fall?  Fall is often everyone’s favorite time of year.  

It must be the apples, hot cider, pumpkins, and colorful leaves that get everyone so excited.  

I also think that it has to do with harvest and abundance that seems to permeate this time of year.

And of course, since we homeschool, there’s so much to learn about!  

There are pumpkins and seeds, apples and baking, and then pilgrims and the First Thanksgiving.

Artwork is always a lot of fun in the fall too.  My kids always create an abundance of leaf drawings and crafts of all colors that we hang all over the walls.

I made these pages for them to frame some of their leaf-work.

Those pages also come with beautiful fall poems in 3 penmanship styles for copywork.

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The older kids like to do a lot of writing, so I made them some pumpkin and leaf pages to print.  

In this set I also included some poetry for everyone to copy, a word search, drawing pages, and blank writing pages.  

These fall pages have been a big hit!

Homeschool Fall Themed Pages