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Describing Ducks

Khaki Campbell Duckling Khaki Campbell ducks are tall when they are little and sometimes they are mistaken for Runners, when they grow older drakes sprout green feathers on their heads, females remain brown with extrodinary patterns, and they lay beautiful white eggs.

The White Layers are positively exquisite, they grow up to be solid white with yellow legs and beak, they lay blue-tinted eggs.White Layer Duckling

Mallards are small docile ducks that keep mostly to themselves and are also extremely active, they may be small but their eggs are no smaller than another ducks, they are often mistaken for Rouens and vise-versa.Mallard Duckling on the Farm at Heritage Grove Homeschool

Some facts about Ducks:

  1. Ducks start quacking within 3 to 4 weeks in which drakes don’t quack.
  2. Drakes get a curls on they’re tails and females don’t.
  3. Duck eggs will not hatch unless they are fertile, and eggs are infertile without a drake.

Photos and Story by Liora Grace

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