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Dreams and Designs Homeschool eBook

If you’d like to find some great ideas on how to create your own homeschool items such as timelines, bulletin boards, visual learning aids, organizers and more, using stuff that you probably already have – this is the eBook for you!

There are over 60 full-color images to inspire and guide you to creating the homeschool that you’ve always dreamed of having. By following the ideas in this book you’ll be able to recycle your old stuff and in the process reduce clutter all while creating a more nourishing learning environment.

Some of the ideas you’ll find in this eBook:

  • easy to make learning aids
  • great uses for index cards
  • organizational tips
  • creative visual aids
  • calendar display boards
  • activity center ideas
  • computer desk makeover
  • story viewing board
  • great ideas for household organizers
  • puppet theater
  • fun uses for old photo frames
  • great uses for small furniture pieces
  • how to recycle old stuff for creative homeschool organization


You and your kids will have so much fun making things you’ll use and learning together with these wonderful ideas – get started today by clicking the image below. ¬†Create new and fun homeschool items for learning, play and organization!


Organize Your Homeschool with DIY Ideas