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Easter – Spring Poetry Copywork and Puzzles

Spring Poetry Copywork - Easter Coloring - Puzzle Pages

Christian Church Puzzles, Coloring Pages and Copywork

Spring & Easter Poetry Copywork

Great for Sunday School and Church!

Handwriting pages have been an asset to our homeschool and have oftentimes changed chaotic days into calm ones.

And, as a note – if you find your children are restless and can’t sit still to do their work – exercise! Wherever you are – you can have them get some exercise – and I promise – an hour of exercise every morning before school goes a long way.

Perfect for quiet time during church & homeschool holiday studies.  

Includes poems for Easter and Spring to copy in three fonts:

  • D’Nealian Manuscript – Italic
  • D’Nealian Cursive – Traditional
  • Standard Manuscript – Print

Coloring pages are simple for little ones, and with room to draw for older kids.  

Puzzles are for the Church holiday and include answer key for parents.

This 50 page book is ideal for kids of all ages!

Spring Poetry Easter Puzzles and Coloring

Easter - Spring Poetry Copywork and Puzzles - Member Freebie
50 pages of coloring, puzzles, handwriting – includes manuscript, slant, and cursive penmanship styles.