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Fun Math Board Game for Kids

I Got It! Math Board Game for Kids

My kids love board games and when they’re educational I like them even more!  One of their favorite board games is I Got It!  With this fun math game they learn shapes, colors, number recognition and all while having fun.  Even the big kids like to play it with the younger ones because it’s a game of chance and strategy.


Counting Board Game for Preschoolers


I Got It! is intended for kids ages 4-10 to help them learn colors along with basic geometric shapes and counting.  We like board games over digital games because of the family interaction and this is one that’s always been one the kids play over and over again.  The game is similar to Bingo and they play by first spinning on the one board for a number, then a shape and matching the combination on their game cards.  When they have matched five blocks in a row they shout – “I Got It!” to win.

Board games are a great gift – and this is a fun gift for young homeschool kids!


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