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Awesome Homeschool PlannerHave you seen our Awesome Homeschool Planner? It’s jam-packed with hundreds of pages – not just for planning and organizing your homeschool, but also student pages that include report, biography, vocabulary, and spelling pages – just to name a few.

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That includes spiral-bound French Handwriting Books!








Also, check out some of these other awesome homeschool resources that we love. One of our particular favorites is Debra Reed’s Productive Homeschooling – what a resource! I have been using her pages for so many years now I can’t even tell you how valuable they’ve been for us and my kids just love them!

ProSchool Homeschool Notebook Pages Membership

Take a look at what’s going on at Productive Homeschooling.

All the notebooking pages you could ever need!


There are so many Notebooking Pages to choose from for every subject and the kids just love the variety and creativity!

Looking to add some art and music instruction to your homeschool curriculum? Lessons can be costly, especially when you have more than one or two children to consider – but, fortunately there’s always a solution in the homeschool community!

Take a look at the Learn and Master Homeschool Editions, a one-time purchase of DVD courses that can be used for all of your students where they can learn from home.

Homeschool Art Painting Course, Guitar Lessons, Piano Lessons on DVD

Learn and Master also has other courses on DVD such as:Sign Language, Piano, Drums, Ballroom Dance, Painting, Guitar and Photography Courses on DVD

  • sign language
  • ballroom dancing
  • extra guitar courses
  • extra painting courses
  • drums
  • photography

– which are geared toward older students and adults.




When it comes to science, I’d much rather teach my kids from a creation perspective and some of our favorite resources come from Answers in Genesis. They have such a wide selection of kids books, DVDs, CDs, and magazines with colorful photos that are not only appealing to kids, but teach them from my preferred perspective.


The Answers Book for Kids Complete Set


Homeschool Creation Resources for World Culture Social Studies CurriculumPlus, there’s also our favorite Buddy Davis Amazing Adventures for Kids – so much fun for kids of all ages!







With so many amazing homeschool resources for every subject, style and level – there’s never been a better time to homeschool!

Enjoy every minute.