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Ken Ham – Bill Nye Creation Debate DVD Video

Ken Ham and Bill Nye Science Debate – 2014

If you’ve been debating over whether to watch the Ken Ham – Bill Nye Debate  –  you definitely should.

I wasn’t really planning on watching it myself, because I know where I stand.  But, AiG has a sale until 7/27/15 where you can get the download version of the debate for free, so I thought we could at least use it with science class.

Creation Debate AiG DVD Video 2014

The kids were really interested in watching it, more so than I expected, and more than I was actually.  So we did.

I’ve read a lot of reviews that said Bill Nye won, and well, that depends entirely on your perspective to begin with.  I think that a person who goes into watching the debate without a strong opinion on either side would be more likely to see the logic of creationism presented by Ken Ham, who went in with his guns loaded.

Personally, Bill Nye, with all his education and scientific background, didn’t seem, to me, to give a straight answer to a single question, I was actually rather disappointed.  Everything he said appeared to me to be nothing more than media spin and he just sounded like one of the talking heads that have no facts to base their opinion on.

Anything he said was either a personal attack on Ken Ham – such as naming the points as “Ken Ham’s Creation Model” and “Ken Ham’s Flood”, or was just sputtering of opinions and beliefs while filling in time limits with personal anecdotes to try and be entertaining.  As if Mr. Ham came up with the idea of Creation!?

At the end of each of his turns, he would turn to Mr. Ham and ask a question, knowing he couldn’t directly respond.  Additionally, each of the questions he asked were already answered in Mr. Ham’s opening statements.

I think Ken Ham did a wonderful job and he was extremely well prepared, but it seemed he held back a lot and in the end focused more on the Gospel.  He stated his entire argument in the beginning half of the debate, presenting facts, evidence, studies, scientists’ perspectives, and background information.  After all that there really wasn’t much to debate anyway other than Mr. Nye’s facial expressions and how he finds the idea of creationism as “unsettling and disturbing”.  Most atheists do – after all they have nothing to believe in but their disbelief.  John Branyan says it best.

We very much enjoyed the opportunity to see it and Mr. Ham presented an excellent case, though we would very much enjoy an additional debate between Mr. Nye and Dr. Moon from Moody – that would be interesting!

So grab the free download if you haven’t yet seen the debate and form your own opinion – it’s great for the kids to see also and should help convince them to further in their science studies – after all, that’s particularly what Mr. Nye wants to see from this debate and I do too.

Get the Download Here! 

Creation Debate AiG DVD Video



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