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Make A Clock – Tell Time Book

Cut Out Clocks - Tell Time Math Worksheets

Make a Clock Craft Book & Time Telling Practice Pages

Clock worksheets and Clock craft book!

Kids learn through play - make math fun!

Learning to tell time can be super fun for kids when they’re involved in making a hands-on craft.  I don’t know any kid – boys, girls, older, or younger, who don’t just love doing crafty or hands-on learning.  I think it’s because God created us to love to create, as mentioned in our Art in Homeschool – Why? post.

The twins are about 5 now and since their older sisters are doing school, they think they should be too.  This is both a blessing and sometimes not… but, more about that another time.  They’re really interested in learning to read and tell time right now, and I’m trying to go with it.

So, I’m trying to teach them to count by 5’s on the clock and it’s definitely harder to do when pointing to the clock on the wall.   They both love to color and ‘create’ so a printable was first on my thoughts, because really, I’m not that “crafty” – I like simple, but effective hands-on activities – especially with math.

After scanning through my printable clock pages, I came up disappointed because none of them had the 5’s on them, which is what I was really looking at with the twins.  So, this is how these Make A Clock pages were born.

Kids learn time-telling with fun clock crafts!
Learning to tell time in homeschool - counting by fives math pages!

The twins had so much fun making these, and it was worth the effort.  Now, their 9 year-old sister wants one too, for play.  I’m glad they’ll work for all elementary ages, because then we’ll be able to “do school” while being able to progress.


They’ve been wanting to do so much that I also started them on some other simple math activity pages – we use the Complete Book of Math series for younger grades, as I teach the concept.  I like these books because they’re just simple activities that reinforce basic math skills with a variety of activities – cut and paste, color, recipes, and crafts – along with basic worksheet pages.

Learn to Tell Time Printables
Easy way to teach counting by fives - with a fun clock craft - telling time for kids - homeschool.
Homeschool Clock Download Pages

For the full eBook – there are several different options and clock styles for all Early Elementary Ages.

  • Plain Clock to Color & Decorate
  • With 5’s & Arrows to Count
  • With Blank Spaces to Count 5’s
  • Clocks with Different Background Pictures
  • 3 Full Color Clocks
  • Hands to Match both B/W & Color
  • Total of 11 Clock Faces – 8 to Color & Decorate
  • Worksheets for Time-Telling Practice
  • Worksheets with and without Hands
  • Worksheets with Minutes
Cut Out Clock Pages - Time Telling Worksheets

Make A Clock - Tell Time Book
Make a Clock Craft Book & Time Telling Practice Pages 40 pages to cut out, color – or use pre-colored versions – to make paper clocks for kids to turn the hands using paper brad fasteners. Also includes worksheets for kids to match the clock hands and write the correct time or draw the hands in the right places.