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French Writing ~ Copywork & Practice Pages

~ French Writing Practice Pages ~

French Style Cursive ~ Crossword Puzzles ~ Word Searches


French writing pages are a better way for kids to remember words and phrases they've learned in their French studies!


We enjoy using copywork in almost every subject, and for all ages, for both memory retention and handwriting practice.


French Homeschool Writing Pages in Cursive


Copywork not only helps the younger kids with spelling, but grammar as well. And, the older children really enjoy the artistic aspect of writing.


Handwriting in France is an extremely important aspect of early learning for students, who begin attending school at age three.  These French writing pages are in a French-Style cursive, which is much different than what we're used to, but quite a lovely style of writing and the same writing that students learn at age 6 in France.  Read more here about handwriting in education, and how it is done in France.


With these French writing pages your students will learn a new, more artistic, style of handwriting, such as used in French schools while they practice and memorize some common French vocabulary, phrases and sayings.


French Writing Pages Include:

  • The Lord's Prayer
  • 2 Carols - Silent Night and Oh, Come All Ye Faithful
  • Glory to the Father
  • Weather
  • Numbers
  • Numeracy Order
  • Common Phrases & Sayings
  • Family
  • Greetings & Well Wishes
  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Word Searches
  • Teacher Resource/Answer Key & Translations


These French writing pages are design to be easy and not overwhelming to your students so many of the pages have single word vocabulary words that are grouped by relation.


Pages such as the numbers and numeracy order tend to be repetitious and could become quite tedious for students, so these you may want to simply print as reference or do just one page per day to add to your French lessons, instead of a whole set at once.


Adding other vocabulary and creating your own sentences from your French lessons will make it more meaningful for your students.


Other pages, such as the seasons, days and holiday greetings, have extra space included for adding names, phrases and dialogue with the greeting.


With the Carols and Prayers, translations are not given for the students so that you can print one page for them to practice the writing in French and then a second page for them to translate if you choose, giving you two lessons for each.

French Writing Pages to Print for HomeschoolFrench Writing Pages to Download and Print for Homeschool LessonsPractice French Writing with Cursive

There are several pages with common phrases and sayings that are relevant to everyday and modern translations.


These French writing pages have the most common translation given, but please be aware that many of them have more than one meaning, which is often quite similar.


The greetings and farewells are a great way to practice dialogue. There are very basic phrases - both formal and informal, given.


This French copywork book goes well with Memoria Press First Start French Series - which is primarily for French Grammar - not speaking, but will make a great supplement to any French language program.



Give your students a lifetime of skills as you learn French and reinforce their handwriting, vocabulary, and language skills!

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