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Need to Occupy Toddlers – While They Learn?

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Occupy Little Ones – And Keep Them Learning

I have six kids and we’ve been homeschooling a long time. When I was trying to teach the older ones with toddlers running around, sometimes it was super hard. They didn’t always want to sit and color or practice their letters.

Sometimes they needed something a little more engaging, but where I could still spend time with the older kids’ lessons.


I didn’t want them always watching movies or shows, because it’s not good for them to be doing all the time. So looked for educational DVDs for them and found a few that were appropriate, but these were a lifesaver with my twins!

Dinosaurs, Alaska, Caving, Swamp, Ice Age Creation Science Adventure DVDs

These DVDs are super fun, engaging, filled with science facts, and from a creation standpoint! When the twins had enough practicing writing and coloring, they could watch a DVD – with content I could trust – and still be learning! How cool is that?

They’re appropriate for all ages – there are even study guides you can download for older kids – and they’re fun for both boys and girls.

See These Awesome Creation Science DVD Adventures Here

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