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Making Homeschool Notebooks Using a Binding Machine

Homeschool Notebooking –  The Binding Machine We Love

Organization  has always been top priority for me in our home school because that’s the only way we can really get things done.  I have used several different products and methods for organizing my kids’ schoolwork by subject – staples, binding clips, paperclips, binder folders, etc.  Some ideas worked for some subjects and some didn’t.  I love folders – I assign each child a color and their individual pages go into that color for them – we use them for lap books, book reports – folders are great.

For notebooking, however, folders – even the ones with the metal fasteners, do not work, as much as I tried.  We manage to use them for smaller projects and the kids’ portfolios, but not for anything with any substance.

I had been eyeing up a binding machine for a long time – I had planned on getting the ProClick Binding Machine
for a long time, as I saw that other homeschool moms really like it.  When I finally made up my mind to actually buy one, I went back and forth between the comb-binding machine and the ProClick.  In the end I decided to get the Fellowes Star+ 150 Manual Comb Binding Machine and I’ll tell you why.

Here are a few of the reasons I considered first off:                                                        

  • Initial Cost
  • Size – (wanted something I wouldn’t misplace)
  • Customization – the combs can easily be cut smaller
  • Ongoing Cost – combs are more affordable than spines
  • Ease of Use – very simple – punch & bind at the same time – a 100 page book in 5 minutes!
  • Sturdiness – punches 10 sheets at a time

Homeschool Notebooking Binding MachineI’ve been using the Fellowes 150 for over a year now for making homeschool notebooks and I couldn’t be happier with it.  I was unsure about the combs – because they just don’t look as nice, but with them I can make different sized notebooks, and to me that’s important.  The only other thing is that you can’t quite flip the notebook backwards, but that is a small thing considering everything else.  It’s been sturdy, sits neatly on a shelf, and it just works.

For covers I use card stock paper and usually print something the kids can color.  I decided to get PVC covers for over them because they wear a little after daily use.  Some homeschoolers also use them over pages for a wipe-off surface because they’re very sturdy.


Our handwriting notebooks are much more fun now!

For the twins first handwriting notebook I used various coloring pages on card stock – and they have a nice PVC cover to protect them.  They were so excited to have their own books like the big kids – which makes them more excited to write!



Handwriting Notebook for Homeschool Bible Verses            They are using LightHome Publications – A Treasury of Bible Verses for Little Ones.

Binding_Machine for Homeschool Notebooks I only put the PVC covers on the front and the back cover is just plain, white card stock paper.

One thing to keep in mind – the PVC covers are a bit sharp at the corners, you may want to round the corners – especially for little ones.







Handwriting notebooks for the older kids are so much easier for them to keep organized and neat.

Handwriting Pages - Bible Verses

Homeschool Handwriting Pages Bible Verses


These pages are also from LightHome Publications – this book is Bearing Fruit as a Christian.











We use the binding machine to make notebooks and keep all our subjects organized!

Math Program for Homeschool

Systematic Mathematics for Homeschool

This is our Systematic Mathematics notebook – I highly recommend their DVDs with printable pages.

Making a notebook to keep all the lessons together has been quite a blessing.

I had fun making colorful covers.







One of the best features for me is that I can customize the size to fit smaller books – it’s really simple to do – just cut the comb! To cut it, I bind the book first and then cut off the excess.  I do this because it’s a bit sharper after being cut and I cut it just before the edge of the pages, so it’s not likely that anyone will be bothered by it.


Fellowes Star 150 Binding Machine

Making Timeline Notebook The smaller notebook on the left is made with half-sheets of regular 8.5″ x 11″ paper.  Bind first – then cut comb just a tad shorter than the length of the pages.


I’m also very excited to have nice, neat timeline notebooks!

The timeline we use, and the awesome cover, is from My History Timeline by Homeschool Bits – they have a ton of super affordable homeschool resources.


If you’re even considering a binding machine for your homeschool, I highly recommend getting yourself one.  If you do any kind of notebooking it will be invaluable.


Fellowes Binding Machine

Homeschool Notebooks - Binding Machine