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U.S. Presidents Homeschool Resources

Homeschool History Books for Homeschool Presidents DayPresident’s Day has always been fun for me since homeschooling because I always enjoy an excuse to read one of my favorite books – When Washington Crossed the Delaware and do lots of fun activities with the kids.  Some years we do a whole President’s Day unit beginning in February and other years we do a short piece on Lincoln and Washington, so I’m always trying to find something different to do so the older kids aren’t doing the same things over and over – I think they would frown on that. 🙂





There are a lot of different curriculum and resources for learning about U.S. Presidents that you can find all over the internet – some are free, some are costly, but these are my favorite Presidents Study resources that I find myself using over and over for various lessons and projects, both large and small, for all ages.


Presidents Day Arts and Crafts
I really enjoy the simple and creative crafts in this book – Art for All Seasons, which has been seriously updated since I purchased it over ten years ago – there are a couple fun President’s Day crafts we enjoyed.  This book is mainly for early Elementary – recommended for grades 1-4, but some of the ideas can be adapted for older students and definitely the younger ones.  I’ve used it for almost every subject at different times and I find something to do in it every year with all the different ages. All patterns are reproducible and pages are perforated.










Copywork of President Quotes for Handwriting and HistoryThis is one of my favorite resources for the study of American Presidents.  My kids really enjoyed learning the quotes and the handwriting pages are really well done.  It’s over 163 pages of quotes from each President through U.S. history with a copy-work set in both cursive and manuscript – perfect for Elementary and up.  This is a downloadable eBook.

A Copywork of the United States Presidents




You can also get the State Study Motto Copybook and Notebook Pages in both Cursive and Manuscript to supplement any U.S. History curriculum or unit study.


State Motto Copywork Pages for History U.S. Resources

The American Presidents notebooking pages are super beautiful, high quality pages as well – these are open-ended pages with pictures of the American Presidents in several different formats – perfect to use for Elementary to High School.  These pages can be used as note-booking pages, lap-books, reports, poems, biographies or anything you can think of for a Presidents Study.  Also don’t forget the importance of the First Ladies when studying the Presidents!

Click on the pages to get a FREE Sample of each!

Presidents Day Notebooking Pages Free

Free Notebooking Pages - Presidents First Ladies












I hope you have great fun with your kids studying the U.S. Presidents!




*Disclosure - page contains sponsored links. Please see our full disclosure for more details and thanks for your support.