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Describing Chickens

Silver Laced Wyandottes are colorful, hardy, and hens are productive layers. Their broad-feathered, smooth fitting silver-white plumage is sharply marked with lustrous greenish black edging.

Silveer Laced Wyandotte setting on a nest at Heritage Grove Homeschool








The Silver Spangled Hamburg is one of the most alert breeds of poultry. They are consistent layers, have a bright cheerfulness when foraging, and love a free range setting.
Silver Spangled Hamburg at Heritage Grove









Some facts about Chickens:
1. First, you’ll know a rooster and a hen when you see them.
2. Roosters will attack if provoked, and so will hens.
3. Chicken eggs will not hatch unless they are fertile, and eggs
are infertile without a rooster.

Photos and Story by Liora Grace

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