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Describing Turkeys

Bourbon Red turkeys are very handsome, they have brownish to dark red plumage with white flight and tail feathers. Tail feathers have soft red bars crossing them near the end. Neck and breast feathers are chestnut mahogany.Bourbon Red Tom Turkey all puffed up






The Chocolate Turkey is a very rare breed of poultry with brown feathers, shanks and feet. Chocolates are one of the larger Heritage turkey varieties.

Some facts about Turkeys:
1. Toms puff out all their feathers if challenged or if they are summoning a mate, when they are mad they gobble, this is also a mating cry.
2. Hens rarely puff out there feathers, but they will if the nest is threatened.
3. Turkey eggs will not hatch unless they are fertile, and eggs are infertile without a Tom.

Photo and Story by Liora Grace

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