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Beautiful Handwriting Copywork

Handwriting Copywork - Manuscript Print, D'Nealian Slant, and Cursive

We’ve always felt that handwriting is a valuable skill to teach the kids – I don’t buy into any of the talk about the modern world and how some feel it’s unnecessary. Not to be a pessimist, but electronics could all be wiped out tomorrow and how many people would still have the skill of writing?

We start with Manuscript Print until they learn their letters and writing concepts, to D’Nealian Slant, then to Traditional Cursive.

And, for the kids that want to pursue handwriting further (which most of them do) – we use the beautiful Spencerian Penmanship books.

It’s widely known, with plenty of research to back it up, handwriting:

  • boosts IQ
  • reading skills
  • memory retention
  • motor skills
  • learning ability
  • creativity
  • helps with dyslexia
  • helps with behavior problems – or so-called disorders
  • etc.

So, in reality, parents and teachers who aren’t teaching handwriting are doing a callous disservice to students. Handwriting is just as important as Mathematics, History, and English.

This may seem like a lot, but it’s not – generally this is taught over all elementary grades, beginning about age 4, sometimes earlier or later depending on the child and circumstances, and no – it’s not confusing to our children, they’re more intelligent than that.

Once the children have learned the concept of making their letters they need to have lots of practice writing them – and if the practice isn’t enjoyable for them they’ll hate it. Period.

If you want your children to learn anything it needs to be interesting and enjoyable to them. But, on the other side of the coin – there are some things that simply take discipline and practice which there’s no way around.

In France, handwriting is an extremely important aspect of early learning for students, who begin attending school at age three.

The best thing to do is find a way where you can combine practice with something enjoyable. With handwriting it’s become so easy with copywork books in a wide variety of subjects.

Copywork pages can be used stand-alone or included with notebooking. We like to do both.

French Copywork Pages for Homeschool

Read more here about handwriting in education, and how it is done in France.

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For our handwriting books I try to keep the space a medium-tight because all my kids have commented that they like that because it makes it easier for them to keep things neat.

I think it looks beautiful when they’re finished, so we like the tighter lines.

Our pages are all adorned with lovely graphics and drawings – some of which can be colored, which the kids also love. The pages being so decorative makes them want to do their best on their handwriting so that it complements the pages.

What I also really like with using copywork is it’s an excellent way for children to learn Bible verses without it being a chore, they enjoy it – the remember them easier.

We use copywork for every subject – the kids love it and are practicing handwriting without even realizing it.

Many of our Handwriting Books have poetry – which learning rhyming poetry increases a child’s logic skills, as well as reading, etc.

We have some pages that have no pre-made copywork, just beautiful designs. These are great to use for your own poems, Bible verses, writing letters, biographies, or reports – basically anything you want to use lined paper for. They have animals, flowers, nature, etc. and some of our seasonal books include pages like this as well.