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Describing Geese

The Buff Goose is a lovely apricot-fawn color. The buff colored feathers on its back and sides are edged with creamy white, and they are very good setters and mothers.Buff Goose grazing







Embden geese are very calm and docile. Their plumage color is completely white. They are not very smart, but they are good eating.Embdem Goose grazing

Some facts about Geese:
1. Geese make a lot more fuss than Ganders do and they honk a lot for no reason.
2. Ganders grow taller than Geese, while the Geese remain short and chubby.
3. Goose eggs will not hatch unless they are fertile, and eggs are infertile without a Gander.
Photos and Story by Liora Grace
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